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Route Mailer

User Manual
Enter Username & Password
Click here if you forgot your password

Dialog box will assist in resetting the password

Number Number Number of
of Active campaigns of Paused campaignsScheduled Campaigns

Account Usage Info &

Validity Status
Number Number of
of Drafted campaigns Completed campaigns

Total credits used

Total balance Summary of

credits left User wise
uploaded list.

Count of addresses
who unsubscribed
Steps to run a campaign
Steps to run a campaign

Upload addresses Map a List to Schedule/Send

List Creation Create Campaign
to the List Campaign Campaign
List Creation
Path : List -> Add

Name of the List

Path : List -> Upload to Import

Select the List you created

Sample for uploading file

Sample file for uploading .txt File

Path : List -> View

Count of number of Confirmation on Click ‘View Details’ to

hard bounce already whether the List find the whole list
present in the list uploaded was successfully Uploaded of email addresses

Confirmation on Date on which

Total Count of
whether the List the
was successfully Imported List was Options to
in the list
last Updated Delete the list
Invalid Count of how many times
Net valid Email ID Counts the list was used in Active & Status indicate
Email ID counts
previous campaigns whether the list can be used &
if it is in use respectively
Name of List Duplicate Email

Download the List: An

Count of Email is sent to the registered email ID
Deliverable IDs of the account
Deliverable = Total Members - Duplicate - Invalid - Hard Bounce with the link to download the file
which will expire in 24 Hours
Creating a Campaign
Path : Campaign -> Compose Message -> Normal ->

Campaign Name for reference

Predefined Templates created by the user if any

Subject Line

Message Type; Used to create Performance list

Sender Email Address

Email Address on which recipient can reply back

Add email if you want to add in mail body

Links like ‘Unsubscribe’, ‘Date’, ‘View in Browser’

Add URL which

will get added
in mail body

Composing your message

through WYSIWYG editor
Mapping sender list to the campaign
Select the created campaign

Select the List

Select the Suppression List

It will prepare the campaign and

Here It will just map the list which has to be sent and the campaign would be in
would then import the recipient list in the campaign
Never Started mode with the status as “Generated”, The advantage of Do
but wont send it as it will be in Never Started mode
Mapping feature is that if the user has mapped a list for e.g. (LIST A) and after
with the status as “List Imported”,
some point of time he wants to map (LIST B) as well or select multiple list for
user can use EDIT feature from Action and
this campaign, so here by selecting do mapping he can edit the campaign and
then proceed further on what the user must have planned or
select multiple list or deselect the old list and proceed for further campaigns.
directly click on resume button from the Action column
User can then use EDIT feature from Action and then proceed further.
and shoot the campaign
If you select ‘Do Mapping’, You can find your
campaign at
Campaign -> Campaign and Status

Select the
suppression list

Shoot Campaign
from draft
Campaign Name for reference

Details of the list selected


Once the campaign is started you can

intimate yourself on email by receiving alert
Once the campaign is completed you can
intimate yourself on email by receiving alert
Campaign draft

Important - Always test your campaign

by sending to one of your email ids

Send your campaign

Schedule your campaign
Campaign success status will be indicated or
the Error will be listed
View Campaign Statistics
Path : Campaign -> Campaign and Status ->
Completed Campaign

Confirmation on
Search by the campaign names
whether the List
was successfully Uploaded

Start & End Date-Time Total number of Count of Count of Count of Soft
Stamp emails email ids who forwarded mails Count of Bounces
of Campaign which are sent viewed your email Or Hard Bounced For E.g. Mailbox Count of
or Number of times Email accounts Full, unsubscribed
clicked on links the mail was which are server isn't request
marked as Spam not valid reachable etc.
Path : Campaign -> Campaign and Status ->
Completed Campaign

Here you Follow up Campaign

can copy Resend the 1) Target campaign
the same same Campaign to Non Viewed
campaign to 2) Target campaign
and send it to same list to Viewed
Export Reports alternate list but not Clicked
in Excel
Creating a Suppression List
In this feature you can upload a suppression list
(Do Not Send List) which once uploaded and
selected while doing the campaigns,
makes sure emails are not sent to
the email addresses provided in
the selected suppression list.
Suppression sample file for uploading .txt File
Path : List -> Suppression List -> Add

Name of the List

Select the list you created

Browse through the suppression file txt or csv or xls file

in which you have the email addresses and click on Upload list.
To view the list, go to-
List -> Suppression List -> View
How to add /remove email addresses from
Global Suppression List
Path : List -> Global Suppression List

Insert the email id

which you want to add

Remove mail id from list

Creating a Domain Suppression List
In this feature you can add a Default Domain suppression
list, wherein the moment you add a domain name, the
application won’t send emails to any user on that
Enter the suppressed
domain names you want to add.
Thank You.