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English is an international language and we (Pakistanis)

have been learning it since the birth of Pakistan. We
opened many institutions to learn English. We blame our
education system. We blame our teachers. We pass
metric and learn how to translate Urdu into English but
we can·t speak English in daily life. On asking we say
that our teachers did not teach us how to speak English,
we blame our teachers courageously and learn same
English again in intermediate but can·t speak English
yet. On asking answer is the same. Who is at fault? Our
teachers or students?
After passing a class we never try to read our books.
Same case is after intermediate. O don·t say that we
should be a good English speaker. We become the
student of B.A after spending 12 years in learning
English. After 5th we start learning parts of speech
and tenses and up to 12th we keep learning. But after
getting the honor to be a student of B.A we can·t
define parts of speech except Noun, Pronoun, and
Verb. On the seven years we bought many helping and
grammar books to learn the same tenses which we are
taught in schools.

People may find English a challenge because:

 it is not their first language

 they have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia
 their previous education developed only basic English
 they are more used to speaking than writing in English
 they learned a style of English writing that does not fit the
UK·s usual academic style
 they have a combination of these difficulties

’anguage problems often fall into two main categories.

£ G     
£ G      
G       :

Can cause particular problems when:

 reading the style of language used in a course

 listening to others, either in group sessions or
telephone tutorials
 trying to respond to spoken or written questions

 making use of examples used in explanations.


Ñor others to read may relate particularly to:

 punctuation or the use of paragraphs

 making mistakes with verb tenses, or with subject and
verb agreement
 using the wrong word or putting words in the wrong
 errors in spelling

 using a style which does not suit UK academic work.

u There should be a good and regular arrangement of
constant seminars conferences based on literary and
social issues, managed by students, teachers and
common people discussing on language using English

u The non-stop flow tutorial sessions for speaking

English language are required for teachers so that they
can support the communication skills of their students
in a better way.

u The government should build libraries overloaded with

books related to English literature and classical
volumes of English dictionaries weighted with
productive vocabulary and idiomatic material.
u The mass media must play an important role to promote
the proper channels through discussion and focus groups,
dramas, music shows, skits performed by various actors in
pure English.

u The educationalists of our country will have to pay stress on

the training of the teachers so that they can teach in a
better manner and could be able to create an atmosphere of
good English.

u The social inhabitation can be overcome by constant

awareness given to the people by showing the warmth and
potential of the government for the learning of English
language through radio, television, and different websites
plus advertisements.