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Creating an Audio-

Visual Material
 Recording events and
preserving memories have
become so easy because of
modern technology and the
increasing accessibility to all
sorts of gadget.
Taking a Video
 Video recording
 A process of electronically capturing
still or moving pictures
*You don’t need expensive,
sophisticated equipment to take and
producing good videos. Even
smartphones can take good videos
but the size may be as large as a
regular camera.
 Mobile video editing
applications can be
downloaded on your
smartphone allowing you to
edit videos without the need
to transfer clips to a
 Some workable video editing
1. KineMaster Pro – offers tools for adjusting
brightness, contrast, and color, adds
professional-looking transitions, voice
over recording, and adding audio tracks.
2. Video Maker Pro – has easy to use basic
editing functions, separate audio tracks
and basic graphic utility
3. Filmora
4. MovieMaker
5. Sony Vega
Other applications that you may
 Fimo (available on IOS and Android)
 Huji Cam (IOS and Android)
 Nomo (IOS and Android)
 Calla Cam (IOS and Android)
 Dazz Cam (IOS)
 1998 Cam (IOS and Android)
 MolyCam (IOS)
 VHS Cam – Retro Camcorder FX (IOS
and Android)
Editing a Video
 may incorporate sound and
 Insert transitions in and out,

slide up and down, and side

to side, or roll and flip in
different directions
 can also add text
*Most of full-features editing
software are expensive.
*For beginners, there are free
open-source software that can be
 Blender – a popular 3D computer

graphics freeware has a fully

functional non-linear video editor
What Colors Mean?
 In photography and video
recording, the element of art and
color matters because both
media make use of light, and
different colors that are present
in a photo or video affecting the
way you see certain people and
Mood in Color
 Color is made of light
 The way you see colors are a result of
the way light bounces off an object.
Yellow Warm colors
Green Cool colors
Color Meaning/Symbolism
Red Power, anger, love, intensity,
excitement, danger, passion
Blue Serenity(calm, peaceful) , sadness,
dignity, loyalty, honesty,
nobility(with high moral)
Yellow Cowardice
Green Life, hope, safety
White Purity, innocence
Black Death, bad luck
Purple Wealth, prosperity(good fortune),
Gray Masculinity
Pink Feminity
Light and Color
You need light to see things around
This rule also applies photographs and
*With just the right amount of light,
photographers can take artistic
*Videographers also measure light and
use reflectors to make their subject
appear clear on video.
 The principle of value can
be controlled in photography
and videography by
manipulating light in order
to create the artist’s desired
 This is the varying degree of
light or dark in a given space.
 Characteristics of color

determined by light, dark, or

the quantity of light reflected
by the color
Vocabulary of Color
 Chiaroscuro is the distribution of
light and dark in a picture. It is the
technique of representation that
blends light and shade gradually to
create the illusion of 3D objects in
space or atmosphere.
 An artwork is enhanced by
the artist who makes good
use of lights and dark.
 Lights and darks are

referred to as value
 Value:
• Achromatic value – relating to
differences of light and dark;
the absence of hue and its
intensity (synonymous to black
and white)
• Chromatic value – the relative
degree of lightness or darkness
demonstrated by a given color
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