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Arts 6

Let’s Learn about Graphic Arts and Digital

 Computer artists can explore
many ways to improve their
styles and techniques with
digital tools.
 Through the Internet, artists
share their works and even get
feedback from their viewers.
Software Used for Digital Art/Graphic
Design Applications
 Digital artists use the following software:
1. Editing programs for photography and
graphics can be used for drawing, painting,
typography, and photo enhancing.

2. Vector graphics editors are programs that

create and edit vector graphic images.
*Vector graphic – made up of points, lines,
corners, and shapes that can be digitally
changed to a desired outcome.
3. The use of computer systems to assist in the
creation, modification, analysis, or
optimization of design is known as CAD
(Computer-aided design) software.
*CAD is commonly used in architecture,
machine design, fabrication.

4. Diagramming software – computer

program that is used to generate graphical
diagrams. This is used basically for
architecture, software architecture, and
5. Desktop Publishing software are
employed in creating posters, flyers, and
any other printed media.

6. Three-dimensional images are produced

by 3D software. These assets can be
used in a wide variety of applications such
as video games, animation, and films that
require special visual effects. 3D graphics
software is also used in architecture to
create models of proposed structures.
 Majority of the graphic software
companies offer a suite or collection of
design and production software.
 These can be quite costly and are
offered for professional and
commercial/business purposes.
 For beginners and hobbyists, there
are free and open-source software that
possess similar features as the ones for
Open-source software or freeware can be
freely downloaded and used.
 Examples of Open-source graphic
software are:
1. GIMP – used for photo manipulation
which is the free equivalent of Adobe
2. Inkscape – an open-source vector
graphics editor which is equivalent to
Adobe Illustrator
3. Blender – a 3D graphics software which
is equivalent of Maya, 3D Studio Max