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Some environmental

problems in the
1. Air Pollution
• Contamination of air with harmful substances
that cause detrimental (tending to cause harm)
effects on life and health
*Diseases that are caused by airborne pollutants
-lung diseases -heart diseases
-eye irritation -throat irritation
-weakening of the immune system
2. Water Pollution
• Contamination of water that causes
harmful effects on life and health.
• What causes contamination?
-sewage -chemicals
-radioactive wastes
-other substances mixing with fresh water
3. Noise Pollution
• Excessive sound that causes
hearing loss, stress, fatigue,
irritability, tension, headache,
and high blood pressure.
• Can also cause accidents
4. Land Pollution

• The degradation of earth’s

surface through the misuse of
the soil, through poor
agricultural activities
• What are the causes of
these pollutions ?
• How will they be
Types of Causes of Ways to
Pollution pollutions reduce