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Miranda Priestly:- The editor-in-chief of Runway, a very chic

and influential fashion magazine. She treats her subordinates

in a manner that borders on emotional and psychological

Andrea Sachs:- A recent Brown University graduate, works as

a junior personal assistant to a powerful and tyrannical fashion
magazine editor.

Emily Charlton:- Miranda's senior assistant, responsible for

more business-related matters.
Nigel:- Runway 's creative director, frequently appears on
television as a fashion consultant and is thus one of the few stars of
the magazine Andrea knows prior to working there.

Alex Fineman:- Andrea's boyfriend, who teaches at an

elementary school in the South Bronx through Teach for

Christian Collinsworth:- a hot young writer whom Andrea

meets at a party, where they develop a mutual attraction.
The novel is narrated
entirely in the first person
by Andrea, and told in
mostly chronological order
after the first chapter.
Overall, it is a very
realistic style with little in
the way of literary device
or flourish.
Lauren was born March 28,
1977, in Scranton,

Lauren Weisberger graduated

from Cornell University in 1999
with a BA in English.
Her first novel, The
Devil Wears Prada, was on
the New York Times
bestseller list for six
months. It has been
published in twenty-seven

Weisberger's second
novel, Everyone Worth
Knowing, was published
in fall 2005, and is based
upon the trials and
tribulations of the New
York City public
relations world.
She wishes Miranda would die. But if
that did happen, she reminds herself,
she'd lose the pleasure of killing Miranda

After graduating from Brown with a

degree in English she blankets the magazine
publishing industry with her résumé, hoping
to land enough experience somewhere and
eventually get a job.
“A million girls would kill for
your job.”

Mistakenly and sometimes

deliberately calls her Emily

“Boss from hell"

She christens this attitude the
“Runway Paranoid Turnaround”.

Stick it out working for Miranda

for a year, she can have her pick of
jobs in the magazine industry

“Missing one meal won't hurt, and

anyway, $2000 pants don't look so
hot on a fat girl”.

She keeps going, thinking that it

will all be worthwhile when she
gets a job at the New Yorker.
Emily gets mononucleosis and Andrea must take her place
accompanying Miranda to the fashion weekend in Paris.

Miranda finally lets down her guard a little bit and asks Andrea
about her future plans.

Miranda phones her, demanding that Andrea replace her

daughters expired passports in time for them to catch their flight,
in three hours time.

Andrea finally realizes that her family and friends are more
important than her job, and realizes that she is becoming more
and more like Miranda.
Anna Wintour in her office

It is rumored that the book is a

roman a clef about Vouge
Magazine, with the characters of
Miranda Priestly based on the
editor of the aformentioned
magazine , Anna Wintour.
Although Weisberger denies
that’s said to be defined factor
that propelled the book up the
best sellers list.
The film version was released
on June 30, 2006, produced by
Wendy Finerman and directed
by David Frankel.

Anne Hathaway played

Meryl Streep earned critical
praise and a Golden Globe as
Emily Blunt played Emily.
Funny, bitingly clever, and with a superb turn by weisberger. –
boo allen

A sharp surprisingly funny excursion into the catty realm of

women’s magazine. -los angeles times

Weisberger's characters are all uniformly shallow and two-

dimensional, and she seems to be worshiping this lifestyle at the
same time that she is supposedly skewering it.- Kathleen Hughes
Career v/s
It’s A Struggle……
Why you should not be Miranda
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