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ID: 311100389
COURSE NAME: Instructional Design, Models and Strategies

ASSIGNMENT 4: Concept Mapping & Presentation

Concept Map 1
Concept Map 2
How did knowledge change?
1. Education on instructional approaches, strategies, models and learning
outcomes were obtained.
2. Clearer understanding on the role of technology in instructional design
3. More Information was gathered on instructional theory in the information
4. A clearer understanding on the link between the three fields
5. Clearer understanding on the need to develop a common base for
development of the new paradigm
6. Seeing distance learning as a product of the use of instructional technology
in instructional design to meet new needs in the information age
7. How foundational principles and features for the information age is linked to
designing instruction
8. Seeing the importance of simulations in the information age
9. Clearer understanding on links and seeing the ‘bigger picture’
Factors Influencing 2nd diagram
1. The need to include knowledge on Instructional
Approaches, Strategies, Models and Learning
2. Information learnt from unit 5 which increased
education on the link between the three fields
particularly the role of instructional technology in
educational reform
3. The need to clearly illustrate time
4. The need to cut down on minor details and be
general due to the amount of information gathered
Knowledge has changed as the bigger picture on the link between the
three fields is clearer
Knowledge has changed by now being able to apply what was learnt to
create an instructional model and utilize applicable instructional
methods to suit varying situations.
Knowledge has changed by building a common knowledge base on
how to improve an existing theory or develop a new theory
Knowledge was gained on how to create a concept map
Knowledge on prevalent contributors to the field and their theories
were stumbled upon
The course has helped to better design instruction taking into
consideration learning outcomes, learning environments and different