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Fingerprint Based Lock System

Under the guidance of : Dr. Manish Tiwari

(Associate Professor)

Submitted By : Puneet Kumar Verma (20165103)

P Venkata Sai Mohan (20165110)
Tadpally Vinay Kumar(20155117)
The objective of this project is to design a smart door access
system using fingerprint sensor module and provide access
to only authorized persons.And an emergency beep sound is
added to give alarm if any unauthorized person intrudes into
the system or if anyone try to break the lock.
Tools and Components Used:-

1. Arduino UNO board

2. Arduino IDE
3. Fingerprint sensor
4. Solenoid Lock
5. LCD display
6. Relay
7. Power Source
8. Buzzer
9. Bread Board
10. Jumper Wires
Tools and components used:-

Arduino uno Finger print Sensor

Relay Breadboard and Jumper wires

Tools and components used:-

Solenoid LCD

Buzzer Battery
Flow chart:-
Stop Alarm,
Reset count

Count=0 Door Unlock


Did it No Yes Ring Buzzer,

Count>5? Continuous Alarm
Match? ?


Send text to owner
Lock/Unlock Fingerprint
Block diagram:-


Fingerprint Arduino
sensor UNO


Power supply
Information about fingerprints:-
A fingerprint is formed by the impression of the friction
ridges on the finger of a human. The matching of two
fingerprints is amongst the most widely used and reliable
biometric techniques.
There are three basic fingerprint pattern-

Arch Loop Whorl

Types of fingerprint scanner:-
There are different types of fingerprint scanner-
1. Optical scanners:- Nowadays more widely used because of
less cost and indisplay working within smartphone.We are also
using optical scanner in our project.
2. Capacitive scanners:-Before optical scanners, capacitive
scanners were the most widely used within smartphones.
3. Ultrasonic scanners:-This is the latest technology for the
scanning of fingerprint.A lot of research is going on in this type
of scanner.Recently Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus used
indisplay ultrasonic scanner.
Finger Print Sensor R307:-

R307 Fingerprint Module consists

of optical fingerprint Sensor,
high-performance fingerprint
alignment algorithm, simple
structure, stable performance, with
fingerprint entry, fingerprint
Finger print sensor
matching,Low power consumption.
Solenoid lock:-
Solenoid lock is basically a
electromagnet. It is made up
of a big coil of copper wire with
an armature(a metal) in the middle.
Normally the lock is active so we can’t open the door
because the solenoid slug is in the way. It does not use
any power in this state. When voltage is applied, the slug
pulls in so it doesn’t stick out anymore and the door can
be opened.
Our lock is fingerprint based so there is no need of key , RFID
card or password.
Fingerprint based security system is most secured system as
compared to other system. Since scientific research and studies
have proved that fingerprints do not change as we grow up.
Our system stored password even if the power supply is turned
If the fingerprint doesn’t match , the buzzer will buzz once, but
If wrong fingerprints are tried more than five times then it will
continue to buzz the buzzer to alert the neighbour that
something is wrong.
Overview of project:-
1. In the very beginning a fingerprint of main user(Admin)
is stored. With the help of this fingerprint other finger
prints can be added and removed from the system.
2. In case of fingerprint match the door will open and if
not then error message will be displayed on the LCD.
3. Total number of users who can access the lock vary
with fingerprint sensor. In our case we are using R307
which can store upto 1000 fingerprints.
4. In case anyone try to break the lock the buzzer will start
Study about working mechanism of different components used.

Interfacing the fingerprint sensor and solenoid lock with the arduino

Buzzer connection for the information in case of manhandling

Finally connecting all components and finalize hardware Implementation

Progress of work till now:-
Firstwe studied about basics of all component used.
We designed the whole flow diagram of our project.
We installed the extra library required for the fingerprint
sensor in Arduino IDE.
With the help of Arduino,some codes and connection we
check whether all components are working fine or not.
We have also done a basic solenoid controlling with
Arduino,Fingerprint sensor, relay, power supply without
LCD.That is basic opening and closing of solenoid lock.
Remaining work:-
Connection of LCD with whole components.
Making of a sample door with all components at there
correct position.
Making a arrangement for buzzer in our door for alert.
Finally full arrangement of HARDWARE.
Further scope in this project after completing basics:-
In place of buzzer that we are using for ringing alarm if
some unauthorized person try to break the lock , we can
develop such a mechanism so that authorized person get
some kind of notification on his mobile phone
irrespective of where the authorized person is.
A memory based system can be added to store the real
time information about all the users who will open the
Thank You !