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Birth of The Holy

Prophet PBUH
• born in the year 570 AD in the city of
• Dismal (depressing) Condition of Arabia
• Birth was accompanied with signs and
portent (significance)
• Celestial (heavenly) light illuminate the
surrounding country
• The palace of Kisraw, Emperor of Persia,
shook to its foundation, and several
towers fall over the earth.
• The sacred fire Zoroaster, was suddenly
extinguish/ turn off.
• Father
• Bedouin Foster Mother (Haleema)
• Mother 576 AD
• Grand Father
• Uncle
• 25 years
• Well known
• Good and charming character
• Bitterest enemy testify this fact
• Polite
• Winsome(charming) manners
• Fair dealings
• Sadiq & Amin
• He captivated (to attract and hold somebody's attention) the hearts
• Dealings principles were always just and fair.
• Trade and Commerce
• Did business with fullest confidence
• Enemies deposited their belongings for safe custody
• Even at the time of leaving Makkah he
gave all the valuables to Hazrat Ali.
• History fails to present such examples of
integrity, honesty, sense of
• He was prominent among immodest society
• Never touched alcohol, gambling,.
• Helpful for orphans and needy
Prophet hood
• 40 years old
• Cave Hira
• Jibraeel (AS)
• First revelation
• 5 verses of Surah Al Alaq
Preaching and
• Began preaching secretly
• First among his intimate (close)
friends, then members of his tribe
• Thereafter publicly in the city & its
suburbs (residential area bordering
Main articles of Dawah
• Towheed
• Risalat
• Akhirat

• Number of his adherents increased

• Opposition also grew intense
• Physical torture
• Threw on heated sand and kept there for
• Imprisoned with chains on their feet
• Some of them died of torture
Migration to Abyssinia
• Prophet advised to quit their native
town and take refuge abroad
• Dozens of Muslims profited by this
• No body was to talk them or have commercial or
matrimonial (related to marriage) relations
• This resulted in stark (complete) misery among
the innocent children men and women ,old sick and
feeble (physically or mentally weak)
• Continued for full three years
• Four or five non Muslim proclaimed publicly their
denunciation (public condemnation)
• The proclamation, hung in kaaba, was found eaten
by white ants
• Death of his wife Khadeeja & uncle Abu talib
• Taaif
• Ascension (miraaj)
• Annual pilgrimage of kaaba brought to Maka people from all
parts of Arabia
• Group of people from Yathrib accepted Islam
• Requested him to provide them with a missionary teacher
• Hazrat Musab
• Next year 73 new revert to Islam
• Invitation to migrate
• In 622 migrated. Hijra calendar