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 Village at the distance of 50 miles from Madina
 Quraish started preparation to attack Madina
 Abdullah bin Ubai was sent to assassinate the Holy
Prophet (SAW)
 Hostile parties of Qureish used to loiter (proceed
slowly) in the neighborhoods of Al-Madina
 622 AD all the profit of Syrian trade were invested
against Al-Madina
 The death of Querish sardar Hadrami in one Skirmish
(brief fight between two armed groups)
 Qureish were ready to revenge
 After getting information---the Holy Prophet took
energetic steps to defend Madina
 12 Ramadam, 2nd year of Hijrah, 313 Muhajirs and
Ansar left Madina to meet the enemy
 60 Muhajir and 253 Ansar
 Abu Lababah Bin Abdul-Manzar was the
Governor in the absence of the Holy Prophet
 Asim bin Adi was appointed to look after the
main portion of Madina ‘Aaliyah
 17th Ramadan reached at the end of the
 Other side was occupied by the enemy
 Commander of Qureish was Utbah Bin Rabiah
 War started
 Hakeem bin Hizam tried to persuade Utbah—
(Son Abu Huzefa was Muslim) to refrain the war
 Utbah was killed by Hazrat Hamza
 Waleed was killed by Hazrat Ali
 Shiba injured Hazrat Ubaida but was killed by
Hazrat Ali
 Ubaidah bin saeed was killed by Hazrat Zubair
 Abu Jahl was killed by Moaz and Moawiz
 Akramah injured the Maadh
 Qureish army was dishearten after the death of
their leaders
 Left the field in disarray (disorganized state)
 6 Muhajir and 8 Ansar of Muslims army were martyrs
 70 persons were killed including leaders of Qureish
 70 were captive including Hazrat Abbas, Aqeel, Abul-
As---Prophet’s son of law---Hazrat Zainab
 They were freed after receiving the Fidyah ---ransom
money—4000 dirham each
 Teach the children of Muslims
 Surah Anfal has particularly tell us about this
 Hillock (a small hill ) two miles north of Al-
 Quraish were furious and impatiens for
 Rise of Madina was threat for Qureish and
their political and commercial interests.
 Poets of Qureish provoked the people of all
tribes by their anti-Islamic oratory.
 Kaab bin Ashraf ---Jewish tribe of Banu
Nazir went to Makkah to participate in
mourning who killed in badar
 Abu Sufyan also meet with Bau Nazir
 Funds were raised and meeting were held for
attacking on Madina.
 Fully armed force of three thousand men left Makkah
for Madina
 After consensus with sahabah, Hazrat Muhammad
SAW left Madina with 1000 companions.
 Abdullah Bin Ubbay, the leader of hypocrite excuse
meet with enemy.
 Hazrat Muhammad SAW reached with remaining 700
people, and camped at Uhad.
 He posted 50 archers in uhad
mountain to defend the Muslims form
the attack of enemy form behind.
 Strict instruction were given about not
leaving their post.
 Many prominent ladies of enemy were
accompanied to Qureish to participate
in the battle of revenge.
Fight Started
 Enemy attacked first
 Muslims fought bravely, and killed and wounded
many warriors of Qureish.
 Flag Bearer of the enemy Talha was killed by Hazrat
Ali and his brother Uthman was killed by Hazrat
 When enemy was retreating, archers leave their
post to collect booty
 Khalid Bin Valid, Head of enemy Calvary, found the
opening undefended and attack from behind
 Muslim force was surprised and uttered confusion.
 Enemy tried to reach the Holy Prophet SAW
 He was injured on face and Head
 Enemy raise the cry that Hazrat
Muhammad SAW was killed
 70 Muslims were martyred and 40 were
 Enemy lost only 30 men
 Muslims ladies 1st time went to battle field
and nurse the wounded.
 Surah Al Imran narrates the Ghazwa-e-
Impact and Conclusion
 Disobedience of the orders of the Holy
 Muslims who wanted to get booty, diverted
other from their noble cause
 After spreading the rumor that Prophet has
been martyred, Some the Muslims dropped
the weapons thinking that there was no
more reason for them to fight.
 Cause was fighting for the faith.
 Battle was of great significance for the
Muslims. Suffered was not without its
Battle of Trench, Battle of
 4th Year of Hijrah
 After the four months of Battle of Uhad
 Hazrat Muhammd SAW raised the siege on the
condition that they would depart from Madina
 10 days were given to depart
 Qureish could not reconcile themselves with the
growing powers of Mulims
 Muslims were threat to their social and religious
 Banu Nazir kept on plotting against Muslims
 Demand help from Qureish and Gatafan tribe
 With 10, 000 army under the command of Abu Sufyan
marched to Madina
 Hazrat Salman Farsi advised to dig a trench.
 Side with Syrian Route was unsafe
 Trench dug on that side
 3, 000 men worked with Prophet
 Banu Quraiza also helped the enemy
 So called Battle of Ahzab or the Battle of Allies
 Holy Quran Says
 “ Behold! They came on you from above and from
below you, and behold! the eyes became dim and the
hearts gaped up to the throat, and you imagined
various thoughts about Allah! In that situation were
the Believers tried: they were shaken as by a
tremendous shaking”. (33:10-11)
 Hypocrites among Muslims, finding the situation
 Asked permission to return to their home
 The siege lasted for a month
 Muslims faced hunger, cold and constant attack
of enemy
 Allah Almighty helped the Muslims
 A Piercing blast of cold wind , tents were torn
 Fires were extinguished
 The sand and rain beat their faces
 The Holy Quran says
“ O you who believe! Remember the
Grace of Allah (bestowed) on you,
when there came down on you hosts
(to overwhelm you): but We sent
against them a hurricane and forces
that you saw not. But Allah sees
(clearly) all that you do.