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1956 Constitution

23 rd March 1956.Ist Constitution

Partly rigid. (Where the way for amendments is different than
passing)Partly Flexible
Amendment could be made with 2/3 rd majority.
Federal form of Govt. Division of powers guarded by
Uni cameral system of Govt .156 MNAs.6 Seats reserved for
women.150 Normal Election.3 women each from East and West
If President is from one province, Speaker should be from other
Islamic Character of Constitution
President should be a Muslim
• No law to be made which is repugnant to Islam.
• Muslims will be asked to live their life according to
the teachings of Islam.
• Council of Islamic Ideology to be formed
• Parliamentary form of Govt.
• Provided fundamental rights of speech ,expression
and work some.
• Urdu and Bengali were declared as National
Causes of Failure
• Lack of character among politicians.
• Changing of loyalties by politicians.
• Mushroom growth of political parties.
• Lack of national leader.
• Two major political parties are necessary for the
success of parliamentary form of govt.
1962 constitution
• Rigid Constitution
• 250 Articles 3 schedules
• Presidential form of Govt. President to be elected
for 5 years . could have the second term also . Not
to be suspended except impeachment.
• Amendment is constitution would have been
carried out with 2/3rd majority along with the
consent of President.
• If President is un willing then need 3/4th majority.
• Single hierarchical system of judiciary.
• Single structure of bureaucracy
• Advisory council of Islamic Ideology to be formed to
decided about any law for being Islamic or Non
• Islamic Research Institute was established
• Family planning is considered legal.
• President is not only head of state but also chief
Causes of Failure
• Rapid changes in govt
• Lack of organized political parties
• Lack of education
• Lack of tolerance and patience
• Multi Party system is failure of democracy
• Lack of national leadership
• Framed on aspiration of one man
• All powers centered in the hands of President
• No check and balance on President
• Constitution was not made by assembly
1973 constitution
• 280 articles 3 schedules
• Rigid constitution
• Federal type of govt
• Bicameralism -(Two fold legislative bodies)Upper
and lower house of parliament
• Qadyanis declared as non Muslims
• Definition of Muslim added in constitution
• A Muslim to be a President and Prime Minister
• Promotion of Social Justice and Eradication of
Social Evils
• Strengthen Bond with Muslim World
• Council of Islamic Ideology
• Error Free Publication of Quran
• Official Name-Islamic Republic of Pakistan
• State Religion-Islam