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1965 War

Reasons: Hazrat Ball Shrine Incident. Sacred Hair of

Muhammad (PBUH) was stolen. Riots broke out on
26 Dec 1963.
Rann Of Kutch. Marshy area.3500 sq miles of
disputed boundary. War flared up in spring
65.International sources propagated about the
mineral reserves.
Operation Gibraltar: Commando unit dropped in to
Kashmir. Ground was not ready for revolt. An
estimated 340 commandoes killed. Pak spokesman
said that infiltrators were AK veterans.
• Sada E Kashmir Radio: 8th August 1965 an FM radio
an all out war against India. Pakistan was accused of
this radio station.
• Indian Invasion over Kargil:17 th May 65,Indian
Battalion crossed ceasefire line and entered in Kargil
• 3 Am. 6th SeptemberS Indians crossed International
• Losses:
• Territory captured by Pakistan 1617 sq miles
• Pak Territory captured by India 446 sq miles
• Men Killed . Pakistan 1033
• “ “ India 9500
• Tanks Lost Pakistan 165
• Tanks Lost India 475
• Air Crafts destroyed Pak 14
• Air Crafts destroyed India 110
Cease Fire
• On September 22, the United Nations Security
Council unanimously passed a resolution that called
for an unconditional ceasefire
• The Soviet Union, led by Premier Alexei Kosygen,
hosted ceasefire negotiations in Tashkent (now in
Uzbekistan), where Indian Prime Minister Lal
Bahadur Shastri and Pakistani President Ayub Khan
signed the Tashkent Agreement, agreeing to
withdraw to pre-August lines no later than February
25, 1966.
World’s attitude towards Pakistan
• USA had put an embargo on supply of weapons.
• China supported Pakistan in Kutch dispute saying
that Indian provoked armed conflict.
• Iran and Turkey issued statements in favor of
Pakistan calling Indian attack as aggression.
• KSA ,Jordan treated war as their own
• Six vessels,2 submarines,2 missile carrying boats
were sent by Indonesia.
• Afghanistan adopted neutral attitude towards the