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COVID 19 – Admistrative and Office business protocols

Before entering the workplace

Visitor should be admitted only Employees with pre-existing Conduct self assesment through
with a cloth mask or whatever medical conditions explained in “Maoues” applications provided by
covers the nose and mouth Appendix 1 should not be allowed Ministry of Health for those
moreover a certain number should to work from office and should showing symptoms for infection.
be allowed to enter the workplace continue to work remotely.
at a point in time according to the
office space (one visitor for each
10 sq. m.), also physical
distancing should be exercise
between visitors.

Mobility for work

Follow social distancing and
transport sector protocols
COVID 19 – Admistrative and Office business protocols

At the workplace

apply flexible working Measurement of Use different entry and redesign officers to Do not shake hands
hours on all employees temperature for anyone exit gates for ensure that there are
for example work starts who has body employees if possible there is physical
between 7:30 to 9:30 temperature in above distance among
38 degree Celsius employees and the use
should not be allowed of separators whenever

rely on virtual meetings Use different stages to regular cleaning and all staff must wear face Use of cups
as much as possible if enter and exit the disinfection of vital areas mask when entering the Always use paper or
there is a need for workplace if possible services and tools workplace and must be personal cups for
physical meeting according to return used also and common drinks
presence must be schedule in full view on areas
respected and spaced out reduce workplace everyone once a day at Avoid moving between
capacity and redesign least workstations in the
offices so that you have workplace without
one and half hour to presentation
metres distance between
COVID 19 – Admistrative and Office business protocols

Public places

Cleansing public places Allocate an isolation Prayers on the carpet Eating lounges are Enforce physical
after each use room in the building Personality and closed. Group and rest distance through the
wearing fabric cloth. the babysitters at use of floor stickers and
During prayer in Government facilities. spacers
congregation, keep in
mind the distance
between the
COVID 19 – Admistrative and Office business protocols


If there is a positive Notify the relevant

infection with COVID- authorities if anyone’s
19 one should call 937 temprature is above [38
and details of isolation
of contacts are left with
Ministry of Health