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Strategy - AURO
Cooking Oils
F O R A L L M O O D S A N D A L L M E A L S , W I T H O U T G U I LT






For individuals looking for high-quality
oil, Auro is a perfect blend of cold
pressed cooking oil that delivers healthy
living so that everyone enjoy the natural
flavor and aroma of any recipe because
AURO is a product of meticulous refining
process that is carried out on carefully
selected oilseeds


Oil accounted for one of the highest

monthly cash outlay in a typical

Consumer is extremely price


Intangible promises : Healthy

Family, Affection , Loving
Mother , Great Cook





From taste to
With 300 million Indians today
falling in the age group of 18 to 36
years, a vast growth potential exists
for value-added healthy oils.
According to the Rabo India report,
the increasing trend of consumers
shifting toward branded or Indian Edible Oil Market , 2014 -2024
packaged oils is fuelling the growth
of this segment.
It is growing at an unprecedented
20 percent annually, with
sunflowers and soy oils leading the

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

Retail Food Processing Food Service Bakery

Shopkeepers recommendation influences choice of brands from within

Personal Selling
the same consideration set

/ Influencing Draw Attention to new brands

͞They tell its cheaper than the
others because its new and quality
is better͟

Direct Canvassing by Salesmen Shopkeeper

recommendation Influences perceptions about quality
The shopkeeper tells all other oils are
AURO can directly market the products to the Works well in the same range and only the
names are different
different convenient stores. AURO will provide

Influencers that work in determining the choice of brands

knowledge to the shopkeepers, which they will ͞My Husband has high cholesterol and BP, so
the doctor suggested that I use AURO Oil͟
provide to the buyers and also will provide DOCTOR
͞Doctor has advised us to use canola- blended
like AURO since its good for the health͟
commission to the sellers on the sales. It will
help to get more sells. ͞My neighbour uses AURO, she told me that it is as
good as any other refined oil and is cheaper too͟
͞My friend suggested that I should try AURO as it is
Influencing the Buyers WORD OF MOUTH very light & non-sticky & makes the tasty food͟

86% of Indian women will look at ͞We get to know of the different brands from ads that come
in tv͟
networks/friends before making a purchase ͞AURO Oil emphasises on a healthy lifestyle so you know that
to protect your family and lead a healthy life it is good to go
for AURO͟
71% of consumers are more likely to make a CONVERSATIONAL
͞In AURO, they show the children also, so I feel it is going to
be good for the entire family so I would buy AURO
purchase based on social media COMMUNICATION
Direct Marketing
The AURO team will visit leading grocery stores
across India try to promote the products to the
participants or guests there.

AURO marketing team will give away sample

products to the different target potential
customers so that they get the knowledge about
the good uses of AURO oil and use it and get a
good experience so that next time they buy it.

AURO Marketing team will also put up food

stalls for participants/guests to taste items
prepared using AURO Oils
Public Relations
Cookery contest - An year long strategy. Where Walk -a- thon - Participants- All above 25 years (
initially our teams would hold local cooking both men and women) wearing a AURO Cap.
competitions in different areas of multiple cities.
Campaign - Walk a mile spread the smile.
The shortlisted competitors would then compete
This would be televised on multiple channels. Purpose – Caution about the health hazardous
Whereas celebrities and chefs as judges to be caused by fat consumption .Highlight the
inducted. goodness of the AURO oil .Spread the awareness
of walking.

Small trial pack of AURO edible oil(250 ml).

Reward for most healthy 1000 participants- Free
Oil for next 6 months and further 2000 winners-
free medical check up for a year (once in six
Sales Promotion

Campaign through popular restaurants - Shop in Shop -Display and sale of 1 litter Discount Offers – Customer would be given
Potential restaurants identified. Promotions packet at the entrance of hotels/Supermarkets an option to exchange the old AURO oil
through menu card – Menu card display the (Shop in shop). The sale message also bottles and get new 1ltr bottle free
message “ We serve you not just food, but displayed cash counter and parking areas.
also good health. We use AURO edible oil”.

Our focus is on showcasing the natural elements in our AURO Oil, starting from a dawn over a field of sunflowers, a natural and
healthy visual. Sourcing of oil seeds to the oil mills, and from there to a healthy and active modern family placed in a beautiful
countryside environment.

Initially for a year or two, our main focus would be to establish the brand on the above mentioned points, so as to get the attention
of the audience over pure and healthy aspects of AURO Cooking Oil.

However, later we would shift our focus on a story based quarterly commercial so as to grip in the main customer i.e.
homemakers. To rather have a connection with the audience, provided the fame of soaps and drama on the traditional media.


Our OOH strategy would depict visuals of a healthy cooking. It would also emphasize on our pricing within a family budget . A
teaser campaign can also be considered with the same visuals.
OOH Promotions
TVC Promotions
Social Media /Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy Website Mass Email/SMS Health & Cooking Cooking Recipes Social Media Digital Ads
would play a vital A user integrated Users would be sent Blogs Partnering on a long The social media Our Digital Media
role in our website to be mass mailers / SMS Blogs would be term basis with a pages would help in would advertise,
Communication developed with with the created where users chef to be the voice our BTL Strategy, however it will
strategy with more Monthly promotional offers can share their of AURO as well as where one would ultimately lead to
access to internet Competitions based signing up with the health tips and the sharing his/her enter the BTL our website with the
and increasing on recipes and blogs online grocery cooking tips cooking recipes competition based content.
number of mobile these would then be platforms on certain questions
internet users, we invited to to be answered with
would be able to participate on our content based on
target semi urban television shows. our website related
and rural audiences, to healthy eating
with minimum and cooking
Digital Promotions
Marketing Budget

Marketing Budget
$3,165.00 $2,000.00

National Marketing
$16,800.00 Local Marketing
Public Relations
Content Marketing
Social Media
$6,800.00 Market Research
Sales Campaigns