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u Quran ʹ A book of ͚signs
u Miracles of Quran
u Creation of the Universe
u Rotation of the Sun
u Expiry of the Sun
u A Red Rose: The Rosette Nebula
u The Quran on Oceans
u Every Living Thing is made of Water
u Honey as a Healing Solution
u Echo & The Radar Technology
u The Earth͛s Gravitational Pull
u The Cloning of Living Things
u Everything made in Pairs
u The Water Cycle
u The Food Chain
u Quran on Fingertips
u Protection of a Human Fetus
u The Global Warming
u ͚Ayat͛, means ͚a sign͛ in the Arabic

u The Qur'an itself gives an open

challenge for anyone who denies
its claimed divine origin to
produce a text like it.

u The miracles in the Qur͛an can be

classified into three distinct
0 inimitability,
0 scientific miracles
0 prophecies.
u 4 
0 4slamic scholars believes that the Qur'an is written in a
perfect, inimitable style that cannot be matched by human
0 The scientific facts claimed to be in the Qur'an exist in
different subjects, including creation, astronomy, human
reproduction, oceanology, embroyology, zoology, the water
cycle, and many more.
u ¢ 
0 4slamic studies claim that the Qur'an mentions events which
were yet to come.
u Cytoplasm, the basic substance of
the cell is made up of 80% water.
Modern research has also
revealed that most organisms
consist of 50% to 90% water

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u Only a couple of centuries ago man came
to know that honey comes from the belly
of the bee.

u The Russians used honey to cover their

wounds in World War 44.

u A person suffering from an allergy of a

particular plant may be given honey from
that plant.

u !  

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&./ /0*
u Scientists say that huge gaseous
matter or clouds were present
before the formation of the

u m  $ -  
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 #!  %-  
2&). ..*
u According to the ͚Big Bang͛, the
whole universe was initially one
big mass (Primary Nebula).

u Then there was a ͚Big Bang͛

(Secondary Separation) which
resulted in the formation of

u Î  3 $ !

4   # 3 
  %-  $

 5&'. 67*
u 4n 1609, the German scientist
Yohannus Keppler concluded in
his book ͚Astronomia Nova͛ that
not only do the planets move in
elliptical orbits around the sun,
they also rotate upon their axes
at irregular speeds.

u 4t takes approx. 25 days to rotate on its axis and 200 million years to
complete one revolution around the Milky Way Galaxy.

u m4  !8 Î-

 #   %   -

&'. 66*
u The light of the sun is due to a
chemical process on its surface
that has been taking place
continuously for the past five
billion years. 4t will come to an
end at some point of time in the


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&6/ 6;*
u The "Rosette Nebula"
because of its resembles a
rose. The Rosette Nebula is
also a vast cloud of gas and
seems to have an area five
times greater than that of
the full moon.

u !$

<  -  &(( 6=*
u The darkness in deep seas and
oceans is found around a depth of
200 meters and below. Below a
dept of 1000 meters there is no
light at all!

u r & * , ,

 $ $-
$- $  

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 &') )7*
u Radar is a location device used to
determine the location, speed and
direction of mobile or stationary objects.

u The operating principle of radar bears a

close similarity to the reflection of
sound. For example, someone shouting
in a valley or a cave, hears his own voice
being reflected back to him.

 3-# % r  -
 &6) .7*
u With its gravitational force, the
earth pulls the human beings
and everything else on it, living
or inanimate, toward its
center. 4t is very likely that the
use of a verb meaning ͞to pull
or draw together͟ refers to
this force of gravity.

u $  

# %    
&== '(*
u Cloning experiments are generally
conducted with cells taken from an
animal͛s ear. To put it another way, a
replica living thing is produced with
the taking of cells from tissue
samples. e.g. Dolly the Sheep.

u &  * m4   

 2 4  
   $  &) ..0*
u m $  $
  &(. )0*

u Humans, animals, plants and

fruits are all made in pairs.

u 4t may also be referring to a

phenomenon like electricity in
which the atoms consist of
negatively ʹ and positively ʹ
charged electrons and protons.
u 4n 1580, Bernard Palissy was
the first man to describe
the present day concept of
͚water cycle͛. He described
how water evaporates from
the oceans and cools to
form clouds.

u $ 

,&'6 .;*
u When a living thing dies, micro-organisms
quickly cause it to decompose. The dead
body is thus divided up into organic
molecules that mix with the soil and form
the basic source of food

u   >4  


< # ,<
  $  -

5&/ 0(*
u 4n 1880, fingerprinting became
the scientific method of
identification, after research
done by Sir Francis Golt. No two
persons in the world can ever
have exactly the same
fingerprint pattern.

u 4 Î 

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   &=( .-6<)*
u ,

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   -4 $  
 ,&60 /*

u According to Prof. Keith Moore

(UoT) these three veils of
darkness in the Quran refer to:
0 4nterior abdominal wall of the
0 The uterine wall
0 The amnio-chorionic membrane.
u Depletion of ozone layer and
rapid melting of ice glaciers
from the poles causes sea level
to rise gradually . Current sea
level rise has occurred at a
mean rate of 1.8 mm per year
for the past century.

u $ 

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