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Principles of Customer

Service in Hospitality,
Leisure, Travel and

Unit 24
Group Members

Ishia Biscette
Mathurin 2
Task 1
Presented by: Ishia Biscette

Describe the role of the organization in relation to customer service 

The organization's role is to ensure

the employees know what must be
done and how it must be done at
all times, in terms of satisfying,
pleasing and ensuring the
customers return. The organization
is to ensure the provision of the
service to customers before, during
and after.

Identify the characteristics and
benefits of excellent customer service 

Benefits and Characteristics

include :
Customer loyalty
Increased sales 
Customer Satisfaction
Increase brand/organization
Builds positive relationships
Give examples of internal and external customers in
the industries

• Internal customers are colleagues and • External customers are more likely to
departments within the  organization. be customers , users and
They participate in the business by being stakeholders. External customers are
part of it. These are those who  sees the  people or organizations that buy what
company mainly as a provider of an individual or an organization sells.
something they buy.
Examples of Internal Customers :
• Information Technology
• Human Resources
• Facility Management
Describe the importance of product knowledge
and sales to organizational success 

Product knowledge is an essential

sales skill. Knowing and
understanding your product
features allows you to present
their benefits accurately and
persuasively. Customers respond
to enthusiastic sales staff who are
passionate about their products
and are eager to share the
benefits with them.
Describe the importance of
organizational procedures for
customer service
Better quality service.

When employees follow

procedures they perform tasks
correctly and provide
consistent customer service.
This enhances the quality of
the organization products and

Task 2
Presented by: Hananiah Jules

Identify the benefits of excellent customer service for the individual

Stronger relationships can be built

with the customers
Cultivating loyal customers for long
term benefits and profits
Internal job promotion or salary
Gain recognition from co-workers
and higher authority
Builds self-confidence, motivation
and dedication to work
Increases job satisfaction 10
Describe the importance of positive attitude, behaviour and
motivation in providing excellent customer service

Create a positive and uplifting first impression

(remember: First impression lasts the longest
 A warm smile, eye contact and positive demeanor
will lend to better customer satisfaction
Creates a pleasant and welcoming environment
Makes customers feel valued and appreciated
Builds a strong, long-lasting relationships with
A respectful attitude increases likelihood of
customers returning
Describe the importance of
personal presentation within
the industries

Dressing professionally will

increase your self-confidence
 Impress and attract customers by
creating a positive long lasting
Compliance with health and safety
standards and job requirements
Gain respect in the workplace
Maintaining a  good image and
reputation for the organization
Explain the importance of using appropriate types of communication

The two types of communication are verbal e.g. face to face or via  telephone and non-verbal e.g. written
or body language. Depending on the situation, the employee needs to determine which style is
appropriate and adapt appropriately. At times, a combination of both may be used. For example, at a
restaurant a menu is provided to the customer in addition to recommendations being made by the
server. Using the appropriate communication types is important because it:
Increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and overall satisfaction
Prevent problems which may arise and resolve existing problems by meeting a mutual
Diffuse high tension situations
Allows individuals to make well informed  decisions
Meet the needs of the customer
Nb. no matter what communication style is used, it must be appropriate for the situation and easy to be
understood. Non-verbal and verbal communication must not contradict each other. Rather, they 13must
complement each other e.g. asking a customer which drink they prefer can be reinforced with active
listening for the response and a smile
Describe the importance of
effective listening skills

Allows you to meet the

customer’s specific needs
Enables quick and efficient
Build stronger relationships with
Make the customer feel valued
Better retention of information
given by customer
A few tips to increase customer service in a restaurant 15
Task 3
Presented by: Kadia Marthurin

Identify what is meant by customer needs and expectations in the industry 

Customer Needs
Customer Expectations
Customer needs are the things Customer expectations is what the customer
that customers require when purchasing a expects to get from the company.
product or service.
Customer generally expect a high level of
You identify the needs by asking for service
feedback from the customers. 
Correct and reliable information
Information related to goods and services
Value for their money
e.g. price, availability
Assistance when necessary (e.g. opening
Adequate guidance e.g. directions to
doors, directions to table/room)
washroom, parking lot etc.
Products and services which are reliable
Health, safety and security need to be
provided by all businesses Recommendations to make better decisions
Meeting customers needs and expectations 18
Identify the importance of anticipating and
responding to varying customers needs and

When u anticipate a customer’s needs

and expectations you must be prepared
to meet their needs in advance, and to
meet their expectations without they
telling them to you. This is important
because it:
Improves workflow
Develops customer loyalty
Increases likelihood of customers
returning to establishment
• Availability of amenities
• Location/ accessibility
• Reviews/ ratings e.g. customers are more likely to visit a hotel with a 5 star rating .
• Whether the organization has a god or bad reputation
• Price of goods and services
• Quality of service received from previous visits
• Communicating with the customers about the business, letting them know about the .
products and how it can be a benefit to them and others, and motivating them to buy.
Other influencing factors include:
choice of products and services. 
Describe the factor that influences the customers
Describe the importance of
meeting and exceeding customer

This provides a better customer

Builds a good image and
reputation for the business
Increases the likelihood of
customers returning
Sales and profitability as well as
value of products and services
Describe the importance of dealing with complaints in a positive manner. 

Dealing with complaints in a positive manner can provide a

friendly and helpful impact in the company. Therefore the
customer will be satisfied and the company profitability will
increase. Additionally, it can:
Clarify misunderstandings
Diffuse negative or high tension situations and create a
more peaceful environment
Leave a good and positive impression of the business and
Reduces loss of customers and sales

Explain the importance of complaint handling procedures.

Complaint handling procedure is important to the company to give the customer

confidence in the business, and can help learn from their mistakes. Each complaint
should be dealt with utmost respect and must be done fairly and at the earliest
convenience. The solutions provided must be individualized to the customer. A positive
attitude must be maintained at all times. Handling situations in this manner will build
better relations with customers.

Short reflection on our contribution to the group assignment 

Ishia Biscette: The task that I worked on, was mainly about the basic roles the
organization plays when it comes to customer service. The organizational structure and
procedures in terms of customer service. With this knowledge, I am more receptive about
the organization and it's roles.

Hananiah Jules: The task that I covered reinforced the importance of good customer
service, effective communication and presentation in my mind. It left no doubt that without
good customer service, relations and interaction, a business cannot thrive. I hope to
retain this lesson with me through my career and impart it to my colleagues likewise.

Kadia Mathurin: The task that I did was about customer needs and expectations and
dealing with complaints in the workplace. With this task I've learnt a lot more and will use
this in the near future. 24