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Envi r on m e n t a l

Problems a n d T h e i r
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Environmental Problems in the Philippines
1)Deforestation 1)Coral Reef Degradation
2)Flash Flood 2)Illegal Mining
3)Soil Erosion 3)Climate Change
4)Oil Spill
 permanent removal of large areas of
Deforestation forest, usually transform the natural
ecosystem in the area to serve another
Logging is the primary contributor to
forest lost in the country.
Department of Environment and Natural
Resources (DENR) revealed that timber
harvesting increased by nearly 30% , which
significantly reduces the volume of
Flash Flood
 happens when the rain falls
so fast that underlying
ground cannot cope or drain it
away fast enough.
Soil Erosion
 removal of soil, sediment, and
rock fragments from the
 3 processes take place for
erosion to occur:
s/2015/ph240/verso2/ Transport
Oil Spill
 release of a liquid petroleum
to the environment, most often
the ocean.
 it maybe crude oil from
tankers, drilling of rigs and
wells, or spills of petroleum
products like gasoline, diesel, or
any oily refuse or waste oil.
Coral Reef
Degradation  Coral reefs grow vigorously only
in clean water.
 explosives while fishing destroys
the coral reefs completely
 Cyanide Poisoning is where the
divers pour poison on the reef,
which stuns the fish, kills the coral
polyps, and destroy the coral.
Illegal Mining  has a serious health implications for
local communities.
 using of contaminated water or
working in polluted rice fields have
negative impacts like skin itching, and
Cyanide Separation is used to extract
gold from ore that cause of decreasing
the nutrition level of families that
cannot afford health services.
Climate Change  in the 21 century, climate change

is one of the greatest challenges for

 the poor population in the
Philippines is the most vulnerable
since they do not have enough
resources to adapt to serious natural
calamities especially those enhanced
by climate change.