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a The site may range from a specially built

stadium to abandoned garage, a museum or
a jungle clearing
a The site/ venue visit must go hand in hand
with the event design.
a The event site must match with the corporate
culture and event criteria.
a Event managers will not bid an event unless
they have carefully inspected the site
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a A table of chart and photos should be used to
document and evaluate possible event
a Every site provide both problems and
a Evaluate the each items will help to reduce
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a ¦aking final evaluation on the following:
½ The hotel
½ Space and technical requirement
½ No of people, variety of equipment and types of
activities drive the physical requirements for site
½ Site map
a The types of venue constraints:
½ Physical
½ Legal
½ Historical
½ Ethical
½ Location
½ Environment
 Ú  Ú 

a Scale and direction

a List of symbols used on the map
a Entrance and exit
a Roads and parking
a Administration center
a Information booth
a First-aid areas and emergency road access
a Lost-children area
 Ú  Ú 
a Electricity and water outlets
a Rest room facilities
a Food and market booths
a Tents and marquees
a Equipment storage area
a Off limits areas and danger spots
a Greenroom
a ¦aintenance area
a Pathways
a Telephones
a AT¦ machine
a ¦edia area


½ Directional
½ Operational
½ Statutory
½ Facility

a For instance :dzRegistration this waydz

a Both off site signage pointing out the eventǯs
location and signage at the site itself

a Include information signs and maps

a For example : Dzyou are heredz

a Includes signs displayed in accordance with

legal regulations as well as special warning
a For instance : Dzfire exitsdz or Dzslippery floordz

a Includes identification signs such as

Dzentrancedz, Dzrest roomsdz, Dzbardz, Dzstagedz ,etc.
a Other signage may include sponsors sign,
promotional signs, notification such as Dzcome
back next yeardz
 !Ú0  ÚÚ

a Planning
½ ¦ap showing location of signage that will be
½ Types of sign needed
½ Placement of signs
½ Assessment of the resources that will be required
for signs
 !Ú0  ÚÚ

a Implementation
½ Design
½ Restrictions
½ Supply
½ Responsibility for implementation
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a Data confusion
a Sign placement
a Sign design
a Sign color
a Sign mounting
a Turnaround time
a Event theme
a Credibility
a Emergency services
a Navigation
Ú Ú"  Ú

a The event manager should aware the event is

not over until the event has been shut down.
a Shutdown includes contract acquittal, venue
handover and etc.
a The process includes:
½ Creating a work breakdown structure
½ Establishing timelines
½ Assigning task responsibilities
½ Creating an effective reporting procedures
Ú"Ú  Ú
a Crowd dispersal
a Equipment
½ Entertainment/ guest speaker/star players
a Human resources
a Liability
a Onsite /staging area
a Contractors
a Finance
a ¦arketing and promotion
a Sponsors and grants
a Client
a Emergency shutdown and cancellation shutdown


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