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Understand the cuisine from countries that comprise med food

Understand the cuisine from countries that comprise med food•Following that Italy(48%),
Understand Cuisine Not understand Cuisine Greece(30%) and Egypt(26%).
14% • Lebanon and France has 14% of
med food
• The least med food countries are
Britain, Europe and Jordanian
only having 2%

Reasons for preference for Azulia

Reasons for preference for Azulia • There are 5 primary factors such
Net • Net Variety of dishes
variety of
dishes • Food taste
Food Food taste • Food quality
• Consistent taste
• Net ambiance
Net ambience
Consistent • Azulia is mostly preferred for
GE] taste
these factors in future days
Target Group
Target group based on income • Target group customers for
2 Rs 25,000- Rs 50,000 3 Rs 50,001- Rs 75,000 Azulia is based on the income
4 Rs 75,001- Rs 1,00,000
6 Not disclosed
5 More than Rs1,00,000 of the people and sector they
are working
22% • In the Income group 32% of
the people who is preferring
for the Azulia is they are
earning between 50k to 75K
19% 32% • Following that income 5L to
Target Group of sector • Mutinational and Indian
private company
employees are main target
NS 4
consumers for the Azulia
4 Private sector - Multi nationals 36 • Following that Private
sector consist of IT and
3 Private sector - Indian companies (Other than IT/BPO) 36
BPO sector employees are
2 Private sector - IT/BPO 20
looking for Azulia

1 State or Central Government departments/institutions/Public Sector 4

Total awareness of Azulia Awareness of Azulia serving Med Food
Aware of Azulia Not aware of Azulia Aware of Med Food
Not aware of Med Food


Communication about Azulia

Aware of recent communication

Not aware of recent communication

Reach of modes of communication for Azulia

12 Through grt hotel

07 Friends or family were talking about it

06 Saw promotional materials of it in other GRT Restaurants like Copper Point

05 Saw a banner of it in the premises of GRT Grand / Lobby Merchandising

04 Saw it in the internet in specific website like

03 Saw it in the internet as an ad

02 Saw an ad in the news paper/ magazine

0 10 20 30 40 50 60
Total awareness of Med Food served at Azulia
Awareness of Med Food at Azulia Not Aware of Med Food at Azulia


Perceptional disconnect between Azulia and GRT Grand

Has a pleasing ambience - well done up decor, furniture, good lighting and cutlery & crockery

Has very good quality of food

Has well groomed, well mannered and articulate staff

Is worth the price it charges

Is overall the best restaurant

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
Azulia GRT Grand
Azulia being fine dining restuarant
Neither agree nor disagree Somewhat agree
Strongly Agree