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Presented By:
Engr. Ian Jimbo Constantino
Sample Problem (EASY)

A pump receives 10 kgs of

water at 200 kPa and 110°C
and discharges it at 980 kPa.
Compute the power required
in kW.
Sample Problem (EASY)

A fuel pump is delivering 10

gpm of oil with sg=0.83. The
total head is 9.14m, find the
energy consumption of the
pump in KW.
Sample Problem (MODERATE)
A pump with a 400 mm diameter suction pipe and a
350 mm diameter discharge pipe is to deliver 20,000
liters per minute of 15.6°C water. Calculate the pump
head in meters if suction gage is 7.5 cm below pump
centerline and reads 127 mmHg vacuum and
discharge gage is 45 cm above the pump centerline
and reads 175 kPa.
Sample Problem (EASY)
A 2750 kg of 15°C water are pumped
each minute through 55 m of 150 mm
diameter pipe. The pipe has a Darcy
friction factor of 0.02. The water is
moved vertically 13 m. the pump
efficiency is 76%. What power must be
delivered by the shaft?
Sample Problem (MODERATE)
The power output is 30 HP to a centrifugal
pump that is discharging 900 gpm and which
operates at 1800 rpm against a head 120 ft., 220
V, 3 phase, 60 Hz. If this pump is modified to
operate 120 rpm, assuming its efficiency
remains constant, determine its discharge in
gpm, the theoretical head it imparts to the
liquid and the power input to the pump.
Sample Problem (EASY)
A centrifugal pump discharged 20 L/s against
a head of 17 m when the speed is 1500 rpm.
The diameter of the impeller was 30 cm and
the brake horsepower was 6. A
geometrically similar pump 40 cm in
diameter is to run at 1750 rpm. Assuming
equal efficiencies, what bhp is required?
Sample Problem (MODERATE)
How much twisting moment in kg-m is
required to drive the shaft of the motor
coupled to a pump with a rotational
speed of 2,500 rpm. The pump
efficiency is 82.5% and can deliver 2,500
gallons per minute of cold water to a
height of 250 feet.
Sample Problem (MODERATE)
For given pumping requirements: Fluid to
be handled is oil with specific gravity of
0.85 and 85 degrees F. Pump is electrically
driven using 8.5 KW motor. Oil volumetric
flow is 185 gallons per minute. Total head
is 85 psi. Compute the hydraulic efficiency.
Sample Problem (EASY)
A vacuum pump is used to drain a flooded mine
shaft at 70 degrees F of water. The pump pressure
of water at this temperature is 7.7 psi and its
specific volume is 0.017 Cubic foot per lb. The
pump is incapable of lifting the water higher than
17.0 feet. What is the atmospheric pressure in
Sample Problem (DIFFICULT)
Compute the required size of the motor in HP to drive
a centrifugal pump that has a design suction pressure
gage of 0.75 bar vacuum 750 mm above the pump
centerline and a discharge pressure gage of 750 kpa
7.5 meters above the pump centerline. The suction
pipe is 275 mm in diameter and the discharge pipe is
175 mm. A hot water with specific volume of 0.001075
m3/kg is pumped up at a volumetric flow rate of 37.5
m3 per minute. The pump efficiency is 75%.