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The Effect of Principal Supervision on the

Improvement of Teaching Skills for

Mathematics Teachers at SMPN 5 Yogyakarta

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To become a professional teacher, one must be able to know and master about
education and teaching, so special requirements must be required. As stated in the
Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 14 of 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers, it is
explained that teachers have a strategic role in national development in the field of
The teaching profession is a special field of work carried out based on the
following principles: Having talent, interest, calling and idealism, having a
commitment to improving the quality of education, faith, piety, and noble character,
having quality academic educational background by the field of duty, has the
necessary competence by the field of duty, has the responsibility for the
implementation of professional duties, earns an income determined by the work
profession, has the opportunity to develop professionalism sustainably by lifelong
learning, has guaranteed legal protection in carrying out tasks professionalism, and
has a professional organization that has the authority to regulate matters relating to the
professional duties of teachers
Of the nine principles above, it has been explained that if you want to become
a teacher you must have talent, interest, calling, idealism, commitment to improving
the quality of education, faith, devotion, etc., then the teacher must be by the main
objective, namely to educate according to their profession. This means that if the
teacher has expertise in the field of education, then he must teach according to his
profession. Likewise, his talents can make students more active in the learning
Supervision is carried out by the principal, namely to improve the
competence of teachers in teaching and learning activities, so that they are
expected to fulfill the teaching mission they carry or the national education
mission in a wider scope. As we all know, the problem of the teaching
profession in carrying out teaching and learning activities will always and
continue and the assistance of supervision from the principal is very
important in developing teacher professionalism in carrying out their duties
optimally. The principal wants the support of teacher performance which is
always a consistent increase in implementing learning in school.
In teaching activities, two main abilities must be mastered by
teachers, lecturers, and instructors, namely: (1) mastering the
material or teaching material to be taught, (2) mastering the
methodology, or how to teach it. Basic teaching skills are included
in the second aspect, namely how to teach students. Basic teaching
skills must be possessed and mastered by every teacher, lecturer, or
instructor, because with basic teaching skills that teaching is not
just a process of conveying knowledge, but involves broader
aspects such as fostering attitudes, emotions, character, habits, and
This research was conducted at SMA Negeri 5 Yogyakarta. The reason for using this
method is because this research is directly related to the object to be studied, namely humans
(social). In the book Basics of Qualitative Research, researchers who deal directly with humans
(socially) must use a qualitative approach. This is done for the reasons:

(a) The researcher must go into the field to discover what happened,
(b) The relevance of data-based theory for the development of disciplines and social action,
(c) The complexity of phenomena and human actions,
(d) The belief that humans are actors who play an active role in responding to problematic
(e) Awareness that humans act based on meaning,
(f) Understanding that meaning is redefined and redefined through interaction,
(g) sensitivity to nature will reveal an event,
(h) Awareness of the relationship between conditions (structures), actions (processes) and
Result And Discussion
Based on research techniques carried out through data reduction, interpretation,
triangulation, and decision making, the researchers' findings can be summarized as
1. Implementation of 2. The method used by the 3. The problem is the
principal supervision in principal in improving implementation of educational
improving teacher teaching teacher skills by conducting supervision related to teacher
skills includes lesson continuous supervision using resources in schools is the low
planning, implementation of observation (recording motivation of teachers to be
learning, and evaluation of information directly in supervised because teachers tend
learning that involves teaching and learning to view supervision negatively
regarding the setting of activities), individual which assumes that supervision
goals, determination of meetings (to establish teacher is a model of supervision of
competencies, and character intimacy with the principal), teachers by suppressing the
to be formed, as well as visits between teachers, and freedom of teachers to express
predicting future-oriented evaluation. self as the opinions and senior teachers tend
ways of achieving them development of self-potential to consider supervision is an
From the results of this study, the researchers concluded that the supervision
carried out by the principal of the improvement of teacher teaching skills included
learning planning, learning implementation, and learning evaluation concerning
goal-setting, competency determination, and the character to be formed, and
estimating how to achieve its future orientation. front by using observation,
individual meetings, visits between teachers, and self-evaluation as introspection in
making improvements. With various obstacles experienced by school principals,
the principal must be able to convince teachers that the implementation of
supervision can improve the quality of teachers in the future.