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rServices are distinguished from products mainly because

they are generally produced at the same time as they are
consumed and cannot be stored away or taken and
enhanced marketing mix need to be deployed .

rIts not about simply reaching about to customers with the

right service. But, its also about creating that right desire to
possess service.
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‡ a  Airlin industry cam into istnc during t 

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‡ Air travl rmains a larg and growing industry. It

facilitats conomic growt  world trad
intrnational invstmnt and tourism and is
t rfor cntral to t  globalization taking plac in
many ot r industris





‡ India is the 9th largest aviation market in

the world.

‡ Markt S ar. The market shares of the
Major Airlines (First quarter2009) are as given
in the pie chart below:
‡ One can better understand the workings of
airlines by looking at its marketing triangle.



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‡ ˜iving a Fl For a  ³Product´ Insid a Srvic

Wrappr .

‡ Consumrs ar dmanding not products or faturs

of products but t  bnfits t y will b offrd.

‡ a  airlin product includs of two typs of srvics:

1. On t  ˜round Srvics.
2. In-Flig t Srvics.

Prmium pricing:- Use a high price where there is a uniqueness

about the product or service. Such high prices are charge for

C ap-valu pricing:- This approach is used where external

factors such as recession or increased competition force companies
to provide 'value' products and services to retain sales

APEX fars:- Apex or advance purchase fares are special fares

valid on economy class on specified sectors. They are much
lower than the normal fares.
Onlin 24- our rsrvation Systms.

aour Oprator

aravl Agnt
Promotion Mi
Advrtising- kp in mind t  imag of t  country
tourist attraction cultural ritag

Publicity- aravl agnt PRO mdia popl

Sals promotion- aour oprators frontlin staff

Popl Mi

Caring Attitud


Flig t Information.

Facilitis at a  Airport.

Baggag Handling.

Mal Srvic.

Flig t Entrtainmnt.

Dlivr Quality Srvic

On t  ground: In-flig t:

Booking offices or ticket counters. Aircraft, Seating Configuration.

Paperwork. Good Inner-exteriors.

Tickets. Ambience.
Top 10 Airline Companies Of India

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‡ Jt Airways is an airline based in
Mumbai, India.

‡ It is India's third largest airline.

‡ Jet Airways also operates two low-cost

airlines, namely Jetlite (formerly Air
Sahara) and Jet Airways Konnect.

‡ Kingfisher is one of the ‡ Jet Airways is the

latest Airlines in INDIA. experienced airline in

‡ Overall growth in year ‡ Overall growth in year

2008-09 is 37%. 2008-09 is 16%.
‡ Kingfisher acquired ‡ Jet airways acquired
46% share in Air Air Sahara in 2006.
‡ Jet Airways already
‡ Domestic airlines has domestic as well
poised to go as international
international flights. flights.
‡ In a s ort span of 2 yars ‡ Jt Airways as its
its markt s ar as markt s ar 31%
bcom 28% including including Air Sa ara.
Air Dccan.

‡ Prsonal in-flig t ‡ Avrag ntrtainmnt

ntrtainmnt in vry srvics.
‡ It was awarded the ‡ Jet Airways won
µBest New Airline Of Double Honour Travel
the Year¶ award. Trade Gazette Travel

‡ Already have training ‡ They are plan to start

academy training academy.
‡ Kingfisher is one of only 6 ‡ They were the first Indian
airlines in the world to have a 5 airline to receive the World
star rating Travel Market Global Award,
from Skytrax, along with Asian the world's premier global
Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, travel event in London
Qatar Airways,
Singapore Airlines and Cathay
Pacific Airways.

‡ Air aransport World Award

2001 for Market Development
- Ky Attraction - Ky Problm
‡ Experience exceeding 14 year ‡ Loosing domestic market share
‡ Only private airline with ‡ Scope for improvement in in-
international operation flight service
‡ Largest fleet size

- Opportunitis -a rats
‡ Untapped air cargo market ‡ Strong competitors
‡ Scope in international service ‡ Fuel price hike
and tourism ‡ Overseas market competition
- Ky Attraction - Ky Problm
‡ First airline with full new fleet ‡ Service delivery to metros and
of aircraft other big cities
‡ Brand image with Flamboyant ‡ High ticket pricing
Personality of Vijay Mallya ‡ High attrition in top brass
‡ Unmatched in flight service

- Opportunitis - a rats
‡ Under penetrated domestic ‡ Existing Operators
market ‡ Fuel price hike
‡ International market
‡ Expanding tourism industry
‡ Fleet size expansion
C„  „„
‡ Hoardings
‡ Brand Ambassadors
‡ Sponsorships
‡ Event Organization
- Political Issu - Economic Effcts
‡ License issue for international ‡ Rising income level
operation ‡ Reduced fare but yet not
‡ Infrastructural constraint enough

- Social Effct - ac nology Effct

‡ Sound Pollution ‡ Modernization of aircrafts
‡ Plane hijacking ‡ The growth of e
e--commerce and e
Consumr C oic Paramtrs
‡ Concntrat Domstic Markt

‡ Hir Big Brand Ambassadors

‡ Fruncy of a Advrtismnts

‡ ibrant Imag

‡ ai-Ups