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QualityMentors Profile

-A Brief Profile

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QualityMentors Profile

Vision Statement
To become preferred choice of customers
for training and consulting on Project
Management and Process Improvement…

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QualityMentors Profile

Mission Statement
We serve our customers so that
they can better serve their customers…

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QualityMentors Profile

Our Value System

ü Be customer focused: Provide long-term value.

ü Be ethical and fair in dealings.

ü Be professional and be perceived so.

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QualityMentors Profile

Goals and Objectives

ü Link quality to client’s business objectives.
ü Propagate ‘Metrics Based SPI’.
ü Grow with a lean but agile infrastructure.
ü Be pioneers in
§ Process improvement techniques,
§ Best practices, and
§ Benchmarking.


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QualityMentors Profile

Today’s scenario
üBudgetary constraints: lean and agile organisations
üEffectiveness and healthy bottom line is the trend
üHigher quality and lower costs are necessary to survive
ØThis is where we step in…

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QualityMentors Profile

Why us?
• Several decades of industry experience.
• Not limited to bookish knowledge.
Ø Have dirtied our hands for decades on development floors, unlike most

• Latest knowledge base from the SEI, Phil Crosby

Associates, ISBSG, Capers Jones and others.
• Excellent feedback from our clients.
• International experience.

We got here through constancy of purpose and hard work

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QualityMentors Profile

Our Services

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QualityMentors Profile

Detailed service
• Training: Online as well as classroom
Ø Successful Project Management with CMMI, version 1.3.
Ø Quality for Excellence in Project Management (QEPM).
Ø Business Results using ISO 9001:2008.
Ø Business Results using CMMI ® for Development, version 1.3.
Ø Metrics Based Process Improvement.
Ø CMMI for development: High Maturity Implementation.
Ø Value Adding Internal Audits.
Ø Six Sigma in software organizations.
Ø Software Quality basics.

• Gap Analysis, Consultancy and Appraisals

Ø For all the above

• Project Health Check Services

We offer complementary email based assistance to all clients and training participants for 90 days

beyond our contractual obligations.

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D e ta ile d se rv ice
QualityMentors Profile

o ffe rin g s …

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QualityMentors Profile

Our Team
Ribhu is a respected trainer and leader in software Quality and
Project Management. He brings in 33 years of industry experience in
different facets of technology and process improvement in
organizations like Wipro, HCL and others. Ribhu has been an authorized
CMM® Lead Assessor . He has been associated with a number of
organizations for leading them to various maturity levels of Software
CMM® and CMMI®, either as an assessor or assessee. He has conducted 67
third party ISO 9000 audits as a licensed Lead Auditor. He topped the
Ribhu Lavania, Intermediate concepts of CMMI course and regularly contributes to
Principal Consultant international process improvement forums. As a platinum member of the
SEI repository and the reviewer of the papers presented to SEPG North
America and SEPG Europe, Ribhu remains in touch with the latest
developments in process improvement area. His online courses are being
offered by some of the US and Australia based organizations. He
conducts ISO 27001 audits too.
He is a candidate SCAMPI A, B and C lead appraiser/ Team Leader. Ribhu is an International Training
Facilitator certified by ACI Global & RABQSA, Australia.
Ribhu is a six sigma green belt and an expert of ‘Metrics Based SPI’. Ribhu’s core expertise includes process
improvement, quality management, training, and international consulting. He has directed and led Process
Improvement Initiatives, Global Quality Assurance functions, and Software engineering practices.
Ribhu has extensive knowledge in the areas of High Maturity CMMI Implementation, ISO 9001 / ISO 27001,
Software CMMI® Models. He has established the Quality Assurance function in corporate organizations, and has
pioneered the acts of process definitions and improvements in those organizations. Ribhu has strategically
planned and implemented training programs on project management and software quality.
Ribhu is also a CSQA and a Trained Trainer of Phil Crosby Method of TQM Implementation.

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QualityMentors Profile

Our Team
Dipankar Sengupta has more than 28 years of experience in large IT
organizations in various roles – technical and managerial. His core
expertise lies in project, program and portfolio management of
large and complex projects. He has led sizable delivery teams both
in India and abroad. Dipankar has managed projects for industry
segments like mining, retail, telecom, insurance, government &
railways and delivered results under most challenging conditions.
Dipankar Sen Gupta, He has driven ISO 9001 and CMM/ CMMI initiatives and maintained
Senior Consultant ongoing continual improvements.

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p ro fita b ility.

Dipankar, himself a six sigma green belt, has always believed in the power of metrics driven decision
making. This belief of Dipankar becomes evident during his delivery of Six Sigma Trainings.

He has worked in different parts of the world and has always related quality with business benefits.
He has been receiving accolades from client organizations like IBM, Oil India, Oracle.

Quality has always remained integral part of his style of management.

Dipankar has played significant role in improving technical and soft skills of his team. His strength
in conducting participative training has been well recognized. He, as a key member of QualityMentors,
conducts consulting and training services for IT and non-IT organizations.

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QualityMentors Profile

ent Online Training Partners

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QualityMentors Profile

ial List of Current Customers

vHeadstrong Inc., India
vMando Softtech India Pvt. Ltd., India
vSoftCompass, Shanghai, China
vCAI University, USA
vACI Global, Australia
vCoca Cola, Bhutan
vAKV Solutions, UK
vRadiant Sage Ventures, Boston & Hyderabad
Partial List of customers whose people were trained by us:  
§Coca Cola, Bhutan
§HUDA, Haryana Government, India
§HPGCL, Haryana Government, India
§NTPC, India
§Integra Software Services, India
§Bleum Inc., China
§HCL Infosystems, India
§Headstrong, India
§Radiant Sage Ventures, India
§Mando Softtech Pvt. Ltd., India

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QualityMentors Profile

ial List of Current Customers

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QualityMentors Profile

Other Resources
§Huge and unique assortment of research papers, benchmarks and case-studies
§Books on TQM, various process models, standards, Software engineering, and benchmarking
§International memberships
§Platinum member of SEIR, the repository of the SEI
§Latest trainings at the SEI
§A dynamic web site being updated frequently
§Repository of training, consultancy and appraisal related material
§Experience as reviewer of SEPG North America and Europe: providing us latest updates in SPI
§Multi city presence
§Secured network
Verisignprotected, secured payment gateway

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QualityMentors Profile

Thanks for your valuable time!

Our Contacts:
Mobile # +91 9873009984

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