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By: Lindsey Dwyer, Michael Stagg, Amanda
Candella, Julie Todd, and Josh Peavler
ÔDoes feminist mean large unpleasant
person who·ll shout at you or someone who
believes women are human beings? To me it·s
the latter so I sign up.µ
- Margaret Atwood
º Basis of study
º Brief History
² Waves of Feminism
º Political, social, and cultural aspects
º Link with Freudian theories
ÔWomen·s oppressions under male
domination rarely, if ever, consists solely in
depriving women of political and legal rights,
but also extends into the structure of our
society and the content of our culture and
permeates our consciousness.µ

º French
² Language styles
² Female body
º American
² Examine texts, perspectives, and relationships
² Gynocriticism
º British
² Historical based
² Criticism of American feminism
’  |    

º Ô our sometimes sister, now our Queen µ
² Power in title only
² ÔChoosesµ not to speak or use power
º Ô (Queen) ¶I pray thee, stay with us. Go not to
Wittenberg.· (Hamlet) ¶I shall in all my best
obey you madam.·µ (1.2.123-124)
² ÔMother powerµ
² Respect or love.
º Ô(Queen) ¶Alas sweet lady, what imports this song?·
(Ophelia) ¶Say you? Nay, pray you. mark.· (4.5.32-33)
² Little exchange of dialogue
² Silences when the king enters
º ÔSweets to sweet, farewell! I hoped thou shouldst
have been my Hamlet·s wife µ (5.1.224-225)
² More exchange after death
² Bond with Ophelia
² Hoped for daughter

º Ô our sometimes sister, now our Queen µ (1.2.8)
² Queen status
² Hamlet·s mother
² Married her husbands brother
² No feelings or deep thoughts
º ÔI hope all will be well. We must be patient µ
² Less simplified character
² Inner thoughts and desires
º Ophelia loves Hamlet and is forced to betray him.
She then goes mad after her father·s death.
² Emotion and feeling
² Betrayal of a lover
² Insane with grief
º ÔO god, a beast would have mourned longer! Married
with my uncle!µ (1.2.155)
º ÔHo Help!µ (3.4.27)
² Gertrude·s believability
² Lack of emotional attachment
² Damsel in distress
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º Gertrude:
² Queen
² Mother
² Lack of voice and willingness
² Silences for the King
º Ophelia:
² Subservient to father
² Pawn
º Both are merely possessions
º Lines 1-88
² Ophelia speaks once
² Does not agree or disagree
º (Ophelia) ÔHow does your honour this many a dayµ (3.1.90)
² Incorrect passage of time?
² Nervous or embarrassed
º (Ophelia) ÔCould Beauty, my lord, have better commerce than with
Honesty?µ (Hamlet) ÔAy, truly. For the power of Beauty will sooner
transform Honesty from what it is to a bawd than the force of Honesty can
translate Beauty into his likeness. This was a paradox, but now the time
gives it proof. I did love you once.µ (3.1.107-114)
² Beauty and Honesty (chastity)
² Ophelia shifting subject
² Hamlet redirecting focus
² Male personification
º (Ophelia) ÔI was the more deceivedµ (3.1.119)
² Hamlet·s love
² Polonius
º (Ophelia) ÔAnd I, of ladies most deject and
wretched,/That sucked the honey of his musicked
vowsµ (3.1.154)
² Listened to Polonius
² Unhappy with being pawn
² Ophelia·s love
º Branagh Film: Checkered Floor