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Dictionaries define it as: The belief that one s own ethnic group is superior to others. Minority groups define it as: Discrimination against ethnic minorities and to maintain advantages and benefits for White Americans.

Background to Racism
Due to the lack of employment and work during the Depression, the whites became more resentful of the blacks who were also trying to find work. Many of the blacks left the Southern states in large numbers, to look for work and also to escape from the terrible treatment of the whites However the problems were still widespread. There was to be no integration of the whites and blacks. The blacks held positions such as servants, cleaners and other subservient roles. Certainly, there was to be no contact between white women and black men- a policy of segregation was observed.

Slavery was the pre-formation of racism

Slavery existed in ancient Egypt (5,000 years ago)

When humans began to build greater civilizations, also greater in size and structure, people were categorized to each social class.
Countries like India and Japan had formed distinctive caste systems, which harshly restricted the advantages of those in lower class.

History Black descendants and former slaves began to settle down as slavery lost its power over black people.
Despite their eloquent speeches and elaborate protests, black people were continuously seen as inferior to other races.

Racism is still stretching its tenacious roots in our society today.

Racism still exists on the internet and other web forums. Many racist jokes and pranks are posted on the internet, available for anyone any time asking to join their racist group.

Crooks is the only black man on the ranch, so Steinbeck has included him to represent the treatment of the blacks as a whole. Crooks is segregated from the rest of the men on the ranch. He has his own room in the barn/stable. "... a little shed that leaned off the wall of the bam. We can see how isolated he is in this room because he needs to surround himself with his own personal possession;

" For being alone, Crooks could leave his things about..." He is referred to as a "Nigger" by almost everybody on the ranch- a racist term today, but an indication that racism was very common during the 1930's:

"Well, you keep your place then Nigger." Curley's wife reveals the dangers for black men of coming into contact with white women. Black men were feared by white men and if a white woman accused a black man of coming close to her than the black man was found guilty:

"I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain't even funny." By the end of the section Crooks has been reminded that he did not have the same rights as the white men on the ranch;

" I ain't sure I want you in here no more.. .A coloured man got to have some rights, even if he don't like'em." Crooks is clearly stating his right to privacy, it is safer for him to remain isolated. It is interesting to note that it was quite natural for none of the men on the ranch to come into the barn to speak to Crooks, and when they do enter his room, Crooks manages to hold his delight by pretending to be annoyed:

Racism is a stereotype and is still alive today. I don t think that racism is just limited to one certain race that everyone is racist to each other but some more than others. Racism is sort of hereditary trait if someone s parent acts in a racist manner than that child might grow up acting the same way because him or her think that it is right to do so.

Most of the facts about racism in the United States today always begins with the words The majority of Whites , and I believe this is wrong. How can you say the majority of whites said something if I live around many and none think the same way as the article points out. For example, If a racism survey is done to a couple of white people in New York City and the results state 70% of them are racist, that does not mean the majority of the white people in New York City are racist.