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P R ESEN TED BY G a u ra b A n a n d

Identification of problem Research plan Collect the information Analyze the information Present the report Make the decision

Problem Identification:
What is problem identification ? Problem identification is, defining the problem in exact way or manner. Here the objective is to study the brand loyalty of customers and the factors responsible for the brand switching.

Research plan:

Develop the research plan In this stage we develop the most efficient plan for gathering the needed information. To design the research plan we need to make decision about the data sources , research approaches , research instruments , sampling plan and contact method.

Data source:

Both primary as well as secondary data has been used. Primary Data Primary data are those data which are gathered for the specific purpose only. Secondary Data Secondary data are those data which were collected through different available sources.

Research approaches:

Research approaches are the way in which we collect the primary data . There are 5 different ways of research approach : Through observation Focus groups Survey Behavioral data Experiments.

Research instruments:

Mainly there are 3 main research instruments in collecting primary data : Questionnaire Qualitative measures Technological devices.

Sampling plan:
Sampling plan decides: Who should we survey ? What should be the sample size ? How should we choose the respondents ?

Contact method:

Now we should decide how to contact the subjects By Mail By Telephone Personally or Online


Primary data as Data Source Surveys as Research Approach Questionnaire as Research Instrument (in questionnaire we are using close end question)

The sample size is of method is personal.


and contact

Collect the information:

Major problems faced in surveys while collecting the information are : Some of respondents refused to cooperate . Some of them give biased or dishonest answers . Mainly, data are filled by young generation . Some of them took the questionnaires along with them.

Collected data for brand loyalty:

Shampoo No . of Persons Age Total Hardcor Shifti e Loyal ng below 20 24 16 4 Loyal 20 - 30 107 73 21 30 - 40 10 7 1 40 - 50 9 7 1 above 50 4 3 0 Total 106 27 Switchers 4 12 2 1 1 20

Toothpaste Age below 20 20 - 30 30 - 40 40 - 50 above 50

No . of Persons Total 24 107 10 9 4 Hardcore Loyal 15 76 7 8 3 Shifting Loyal 7 21 1 0 1 Switchers 2 10 2 1 0





Collected data for factors of switching/loyalty:

Analyze the Information:

In this step we extract the findings by tabulating the data and developing frequency distributions.

Age wise distribution of customers:

Education wise distribution of customers:

Income wise distribution of customers:

Present the findings:

In this stage we present the findings relevant to the major marketing decisions facing management in understandable and compelling fashion .

Types of Customers:

Through our analysis ,we find that the customers of shampoo , toothpaste & soap in Durgapur are of 4 types :Hard core loyal Shifting loyal Split loyal Switchers

DEFINATION Hard core loyal are those customers who buy the same product over the entire period. Shifting loyal customers are those who shift from one brand to another. Split loyal customers are those who are loyal to two or more than two brands for a specific period of time. Switchers are those customers who are not loyal to a particular brand.

Factors for switching or loyal:

Factors for switching or loyal are those factors on the basis of which consumers changes their brand or loyality for any particular brand. These factors are of two types :Emotional factors Functional factors EMOTIONAL Emotional factors are those which are in touch with the consumers emotions , sentiments etc

FUNCTIONALFunctional factors are those which are based on the functionalities of product.

Make the decision:

In this stage ,if the findings is of low confidence we decide to study the issue further and do more research else on the basis of the findings we make a conclusion.