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Steps Towards Islamizaton (1947-1977) Nizam-e-Islam Movement Was started after partion of the sub-continent,the people demanded that

it should make a clear commitment regarding the Islamic character of the future constitution of

Pakistan.Soomn this demand turned into a massive movement known as . . . . . . . 2. Objective Resolution 12th March 1949 The objective Resolution was a guide line for framing the future constitution of Pakistan.

The resolution envisaged that Sovereignty over the entire universe belong to . . . . . . . The Objective Resolution which is considered to be the Magna Cartaof Pakistans constitutional history.

Twenty Two Points Of Ulama Ulama from all school of thought joined hands to formulate 22 agreed principles which could serve as the foundation of an Islamic System Of govt fore Pakistan. Islam and Constitution Making Process.

The Objective Resolution formed a part of the preamble in all the three constitution (1956,1962,1973) of pakistan.pakistan was declared an Islamic republic in all the three constitution of Pakistan.Islamic advisory council were established for the interpretation of Islamic injuctions to suit the changing circumstances. Tehrik-e-Nizam-e-Mustafa

Marshal Law was imposed in the country on 1977.civilian govt was overthrown by Military dictator.The people were extremely dissatisfied with the process of Islamization being carried by Bhoto,s govt.Therefore with new vigour and zeal the govt took some

concrete steps towards Islamization of the political system and society. Steps Towards Islamization (since 1977) Judiciary And Legal system. Following important Steps were taken: Islamic penalties were

drinking,stealing,adultery and false allegation of adultery. A Federal Shariat court was established at Federal level.Ulama and the expert of Islamic jurisprudence were appointed as judge of Federal Court. Financial Matters Nizam-e Zakat was introduced in the country on 20th 1980.

From January 1st 1981,Banks and other financial institutions started a programe of operating interest-free economy. Revival Of Religious Spirit Taking food and drink at public places was strictly prohibited during the month of Ramazan.

Taking food band drink at public places was strictiy prohibited during the month of ramazan. 3. Insulting or passing derogatory remarks about the pious caliph and members of the prophet,s household was made a penel offence. 4. congregational Zuhr prayers were made compulsory in all govt institutions. 5. Radio and Television started broad casting Azaninterposing their rotine transmissions.

EDUCATION Islamic studies and Pakistan studies made compulsory subject for all examinations up to Degree level. Religious teachers in the Armed Forces,for the first time,were given the status of commissioned officers. Fiqa (Islamic Jurisprudence)was introduced as a compulsory subject for law graduated.

BUILDING OF THE ISLAMIC NATIONAL SPIRIT 1. Wearing of the national dress was encourage and in some cases made compulsory in the courts and other govt institutions. 2. President Zia-ul haq established the tradition of delivering formal addresses in the national language and encourage people to speak Urdu.

ISLAMIZATION OF THE ELECTRONIC MEDIA Radio and television were used for the promotion of national spirit and for the building of an Islamic image of the nation. 2. Indecent and un-islamic programmewere banned at the media.