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Solar Power Technology & DPR on 2 MW Solar Power Project

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Environmental Carbon Solutions also known as The Green Mantra provides advisory solutions to the growing energy needs of the world through implementation of environment friendly means. It not only provide consulting services but also design, assess, implement & deliver renewable projects by applying best practices for green business initiatives. Based on their extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, they also work with their clients to prepare new renewable energy projects for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Certification & Voluntary Emission Reduction in realisation of CER & VER selling by managing entire process from project assessment to filing & registration.

Abstract of project

The project is all about the solar power and the technology used to harness the solar power.As India has scarcity of power so solar power comes to be a good option as India has immense potential of it.For this government has launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar mission under which many Solar project is going on.Inthis report a 2MW solar Project had been done.The report is all about the feasability of the project and how this project will achieve the emission reduction by the project activity. And by doing such type of projects India will be able to achieve its target to get 15% addition of renewable by 2020.

Solar Power & Technology

Installed Capacity Thermal 99794.00MW Hydro 39916.00MW Nuclear 4360.00MW Renewable 16425.00MW In this the solar power addition is only12 MW. Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity.Sunlightcan be converted directly into electricity by using Photo voltaic technology or Concentrated solar power technology.

Photovoltaic Technology

Concentrated Solar power Technology Concentrated Solar Thermal Concentrated Photovoltaic Concentrated Photovoltaic &Thermal

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission

It was Launched in10Jan2010 by Prime Minister Shri Manmohan singh with the aim to achieve solar power of 20GW by 2022 under the National action Plan for Climate change. It will be completed in three phases: Year Addition 2010-13 1,100 MW 2013-17 10,000MW 2017-22 20,000MW

2MW PV Based Solar Power Project

The Project is based on setting up a 2 MW solar power plant based on Monocrystalline Photo Voltaic technology. The project is proposed on panchkula district Haryana. The significant Features of the project: Introduction to project Area Proposed Technology Operation and Maintenance Power Scenario of State CER Calculation

Calculation Of CER
Baseline Calculation BEy=EGy*Efy where Bfy is baseline emission in year y,tCO2 ; EFy is the CO2 emission factor in year y EGy,y is the energy baseline in year y,kWh Emission Reduction(ERy) ERy=BEy-(PEy+Ly) where PEy is Project Emission and Ly is Leakage Calculation EGy=2MW*22%*365days*24=3854MWh Where PLF is taken 22% from CERC on tariff regulation of renewable energy




As India is Scarce of power such type of Solar power projects proved to be a good source of Electricity generation.The Solar power technologies can be used to harness the solar energy.With the help of these projects and technologies India can be able to achieve the target of 20GW by 2022 under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and can also achieved the emission reduction by such type of project activities.