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Career with Plumber Apprentice

Career As Plumber Apprentice Resume Format Resources

Main task of Plumber Apprentice

Installation and maintenance of pipes in residential and commercial buildings. Assemble install and maintain water drainage, cooling and heating systems. Installation and repairing of water, gas, oil pipes.

You should know


Blueprints Cutting Threading of pipes and joints. Welding, soldering of pipe metals. Metal properties.


minimum age of 17-18 (varies state to state) SSC or HSC, however advanced courses are also available. Ability to solve problems, can tolerate cramped area and should have mechanical aptitude.

Job opportunities

commercial as well as residential buildings. Industries dealing with natural gas, water sewage, Curd oils, Pipelines. Heating and cooling system making industries for fixture. You are needed almost every where.

Salary structure
Place Houston Chicago Atlanta New York Phoenix Miami Charlotte Los Angles Orlando Average Salary (Approximate) 40660$ 64540$ 41150$ 61250$ 38920$ 37750$ 33140$ 49750$ 33000$

Making Resume
You may follow this formatAt the centre top of your page start with Phillip Turner (Your name) 11 Main field street (Address) California-USA ph:6148569871 (Phone)

Step two

Mention your


Example-CAREER OBJECTIVE:- Mutually beneficial association with a professional and result oriented institution where I can put my education, experience and learning to add significant value to future talent.

Summary of skills

your knowledge of equipments. Techniques and methods of plumbing systems of which you are familiar. Written and oral communication skills of languages you know. List your all skills one by one.

Professional Experience

this section mention your designation, Responsibilities you use to perform in previous organizations. Enlist name the organization in descending order of working Period. Be descriptive in short words.


the certificates or license you have. Also mention the period up to which your license is valid. Name the organization from where you have obtained the License.

Educational details

the details of your education from where you have completed your SSC,HSC. Never forget to mention your year of passing and name of school and college. Mention the details of college/university/institution from where you have obtained your profession degree

Personal details
In this section mention yourName Date of birth Employment status Relationship Status

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