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You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merrygo-round will wave at his

parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back. William D. Tammeus

Always wishing you the best. I hope that you will do great in your life. Be happy, healthy.

Mom Ranjan Shenoy

I am proud of you beta, I know you have chosen a right path for your career. We are very sure that you will excel in it. you will do something differently with children which are assigned to you. and empower them with good moral values. You have chosen a social service for your career and it will give you lot of satisfaction... Best wishes from entire family including me , your mother, grandparents, brother, aunt all the best. take care. I hope TFI will provide you great support in next two years including accomodation in mumbai...-

Your father

Hemakshi Meghani

All the best. We love you. Hoping to see you do awesome work in next two years Mom

Radhika Kamat

It was a prayer answered when you were born, In the blink of eye, the years have gone When your decision to join TFI you declared, In pride and amazement we started Here u are Learning as u train to be part of this Great movement of anticipation and anticipation As u give part of year today to build India's tomorrow. learn, teach, enjoy all the while as we proudly smile Your parents Tanuja and Sumit Mullick wish you and very participant of TFI, the very best in this common purpose of nation building. God bless and jai ho !!!

Teyesha Mullick

Sudhanshu is a very warm, loving boy. He is very unselfish.He always care about others, he loves animals and birds.He always tends to the injured rushing them to vets/hospital, very fond of eating good food, loves watching cookery shows can even cook some exotic dishes... We are very proud of you Sudhanshu


Sudhanshu Dikshit

You Make us proud daughter. We love youMom n Dad

Mary Dominic

We all love you and miss you Expect you back soon.... Your Parents

Shraddha Kinger

You are doing a great job for your country. It is an honour and a privilege knowing you! friend

Anish Nair

Hi Annu, We are so excited that you are spending next 2 years at TFI,re-living your childhood. These days must be quite an experience to find kids trying tricks and playing pranks on you. And what a pleasure preparing for next day, the projects and all these long hours of work. It is a 'dream come true' for us --- the wonderful time you will relish each day. We are so Happy for and Proud of you. With all the love,

Mom, Papa

Anoop Parik

Work Hard dear daugther and wishing you all the very best! God Bless you! Mom

Tanushree Angirish

Become a Better human being and make your horizon wider... You have some inner strength which we never realized. -Mother All young people have a dream to do something for society. Some quickly forget this dream and convinced that there are more important things to do like money and fame but you have decided to make a difference to society and shape the world and so you are pursuing your dream All the best -


Hasmit Trivedi

All the very best. We love you Priya and hoping you are enjoying your time! Your Family

Priyamvada Tiwari

I have always been proud of you and the work you doing now makes me even more proud. and I know that maa and papa also feel the same. All the very best. Your Bro

Tanushree Rawat

In spite of missing you a lot. Hope u wont feel lonely among the siblings you're gardening, bring em up so that they can fulfill your endeavor.
Baba & Ma

Kusumanjan Banerjee

Hope you must be doing fine there. All the best. Hoping to see you soon and hear all the stories!

Your Family

Bharath Sequeira

Hi Jharna, this is mom and all at home. We are so happy for u that u r doing what u always wanted to. Remember the time when u used to call the children from the juggi n teach them, feed them n finally got them admission in the school nearby n every single day u had to make sure that they would attend school. Now the same kids raja Kuttu ravi come here to tell me that they go on their own to school. God bless you n we all love n miss u.

Your Family

Jharna Kewalramani

I never expected you to settle so comfortably with TFI training @ Flame.Within such a short span you got so much involved with it that you never felt home sick. You had never stayed away from us for such a long period. Joining TFI was totally your decision. I had very little clue about it. Now I am more confident about you and your decisions in life. Training imparted by TFI has been the major contributor in shaping your personality today. Next 24 months will make you a very confident person. I would recommend every responsible parent to send their children for TFI. Every one works for his or her pleasure, but there is a great feeling, when you see a smile on less privileged faces.

Prakash Pai
I am proud of the fact that you have dared to follow your dreams, take the road less travelled to pursue a noble profession, which unfortunately is the last option as a career for todays youth. I feel privileged to be your mother.

Bharati Pai Anushka Pai

You are doing a great job. Best wishes for your future job. God n we are always with you. Love you Your Family

Onkar Shaligram

Nilisha was a very assertive child. And very possessive about her dear ones. Once, when barely 2 yrs old. When she went to the Notre Dame school for admission interview, I was away in Bangalore. So, her mother gave my picture to the Principal as a record. Nilisha just snatched the pic from her hand and yelled at her,"This is my Dad's pic, I won't give it to you"! She Just took the pic and ran away. I wonder if she'd allow any of her 'children' at TFI to do that now!


Nilisha Prakash

We hope you should have a good time there. We are always here to support you. Be happy whatever you do in your life.


Sarfaraz Lakdawalla

We love you Arnav and hope that you are having a good time in India. Take good care of yourself! Your Family

Arnav Durani

TFI would be a great lesson for you and this experience will be very valuable for your life journey. This experience will bring change in you. We are extremely happy. We love you. Your Family

Malini Chakravarty

All the Best. Loads of love

Your Family

Soumyadeep Chakraborty

Keep it up. Whatever you have taken should do your best in that. Your Brother in Law-Anoop And sister (Rohini ) sending you a loads of love All the family is supporting you.

Tarang Jatkar Mumbai

We are really glad for you. I know you are independent, can take care of urself. You have leadership qualities so hope you must be doing g8 there. We are very thrilled you venturing into a social cause. Carol -Your sister is saying all the best for this adventurous journey. I hope you will do well wherever you will go in life.

Your Family


She is the youngest and most loved member in the family and that we call her "barby" We are very very proud that she is doing something for our country and that teaching is such a noble cause. We all love you and miss you Barby.

Your Family

Anuja Patwardhan

When you became the queen May 2011 Jhansi athough your father was in hospital at that time but that thing which make us proud. You doesnt want to attend that contest but when you win tht contest na Your father wished for you to win and I felt really happy at that time and we also think at that moment you are the most happy in your life. In the beginning we want you to go for some software job n MBA but being myself also a teacher now I feel really proud to see my daughter teaching the poor kids.


Pankhuri Shrivastava

In the beginning when you told about this I was somewhat skeptical about this than but when I had a teleconference session with Shaheen Mistry I was totally clear about TFI. From childhood only he cares a lot about poor people. He is very independent mature from beginning only. So When I visited Flame I was really happy to see TFI culture. we hope you achieving the best in your life


Nikunj Beria

Sharon always loved her 8 hrs of sleep ( minimum !) now she is happy with 4 ...if she gets time for that much ! She is like a 'pied piper' with children, there was a time when she used to go to the creche after school and the kids would wait for her ,,and then it was free time for the attendants in the creche as most of kids would herd around sharon ! ...and her fights with her brother ( Chitvan ). Once when she fought with him and came complaining to me ( her mom) and I was telling her that it may actually her fault tooo and she immediately whispered to me " ma if you want to scold me its ok , but please do so softly & make sure Chitvan doesn't hear you !

Your Family

Sharon Zacharia

Congratulations Sapna! Take care of yourself!

Your Parents

Sapna Shah

Whatever he had opted.he would get great success in it His father was in his favor but i was very much concerned and apposed her. But now feeling really happy for my son that he opted TFI. whenever he calls now a days he talks about his improvements and I am really happy that he is getting very valuable experience from TFI. Gaurav you are very simple, understanding, hardworking, innocent. you are vvery bonded with all of us. You are quite supportive in whatever I do. He is my mentor, guide do great in your life -


Gaurav pradhan

You make us proud our daughter. Loads of love Your Family

Tanaya Singh

We are very proud of you and best wishes to you Initially we are very concerned, but now things are getting better... the program has been designed very well and its great that you are part of such a program. you will become stronger and stronger in these two years. you are very much determined and always go against the world. But the same time you are very sure of what you are doing and how to do it... great .. proud of you Medha !!!!

Prachi (sister)

Medha Dixit

You are making us proud by joining TFI. Best of luck. Your family

Sathyanand Swaminathan

Miss you-See you soon.Hope you and your cofellows have an enriching experience at TFI and get what ever you all came for from this program. Father

Suvidhi Khurana

Best of luck.Do your best wherever you are

YourAunty (Harshada Safari)

Avni Mehta

We are proud of you. We love you. All the best Your Friends

Deepika Ramachandran

We love you. All the best .Hope You must be enjoying your stay in India Your Family.

Jessica Fernandes

Mama N Papa love you very Much. You will achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life. Love you Baby Mom n Dad

Prachur Goel

Love you very much All the Best

Your Family

Ashwin Krishnan

Be really happy proud of you Father Its been a weak we have spoken missing u a lotplz call home Mom hey sis lets meet on skype Bro

Sonal Bapodra

You are great.You are such a wonderful daughter and we love you very very much. Hum yahi dua karate hai ki aap zindagi mein bahut acche aur mahan bano aur sabhi ka naam roshan karo. Hamari shubhkamanayein hamesha aapke sath rahegi. Maasi aur uncle aap ko bahut miss kar rahe hai... hum jaldi hi aap k pass mumbai aa jayenge...

Your Parents

Gagan Verma

You are great.You are such a wonderful daughter and we love you very very much. Hum yahi dua karate hai ki aap zindagi mein bahut acche aur mahan bano aur sabhi ka naam roshan karo. Hamari shubhkamanayein hamesha aapke sath rahegi. Maasi aur uncle aap ko bahut miss kar rahe hai... hum jaldi hi aap k pass mumbai aa jayenge...

Your Parents

Gagan Verma

Proud of you Bhavna,You are doing a great job. We are looking for you to come ASAP. Father and Mother-

Bhavna Rani

We all love you and feel proud of you I would love to hear from you soon!! ... Jebin

You made us proud. We hope you are able to achieve what you set for... All the best to you and all your co-fellows Hope you all have enriching and fruitful experience at this program. I would love to meet you and discuss about your experiences. Both excited and concerned Your Family

Neha Kamra

We love you. All the best. Hope to see you soon. Your Family

Neha Walani

You are making us proud. .All the best family

Saurav Ghosh Roy

We Love you..All the best

Your Chachi

Sharanya Rao Inna

You are making us proud. We love you. Your Friends

Prerna Gautam

The journey is the reward. Go Kiss the world. Step out and make the difference ochi

Amma And Appa

Rosemary Antony

Hi ana!You are our little bundle of joy n sunshine.Our dear devil n our hope divine.We are proud to be your parents.Keep up the spirit and share your smile Thats how you live in greatest style!We are always with you! Mama N Papa

Anagha Padhye

We are proud for you. Lots of love and Best wishes

Your Parents

Renu Sahu

Arjun tum bahut acche ho... bahut social activities karta hai... bacchon se bahut baatein karat hain... beta tum bahut acche se kam karo aur apna naam roshan karo

MOM Arjun Lal

Thank You