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Business Law Exam Technique

Exam Preparation
Business Law exam is an open-book exam. How do you prepare for an open-book exam? Prepare a set of detailed revision notes which include materials from lectures, tutorials and textbooks These notes should include: each topic of the law studied in the subject definitions of key concepts brief outline of the key principles/rules of law relevant cases (include key facts, decision and reasoning)

Exam Preparation
possible answers to these questions prepared by you under exam conditions flowcharts make sure your notes and text are easily accessible: * colour-code * tab each topic * use headings, sub-headings * index clearly


read the questions carefully; make sure you understand what the questions are requiring you to do; check all marks allotted to each question and allocate your time accordingly; attempt to identify the issues in the questions; if you run out of time on a question, map out a plan of the answer.

The paper comprises 8 questions. Five are compulsory. 5 questions are typical problem questions,. 1 question is the traditional short answer question 2 questions are essay type questions


It is important to apply the following format when answering a problem question: decide what the issues are (that is, the matters over which there is or may be some dispute); decide what rules of law are applicable to those issues; cite the authority for the rule (that is, a case or statute); apply the rule to the facts; come to a conclusion; state the remedy.

A sample exam question:

On 15 September, Arthur offers to sell his antique desk to Harry for $5,000. Harry subsequently inspects the desk and says to Arthur 'The desk is in excellent condition and I'd like to have it. There's no doubt that I could afford to buy this desk if I could pay for it in three installments. Nothing further is said concerning the desk. On 18 September, Harry sends a letter to Arthur in which he accepts Arthur's original offer. On 19 September, Harry learns that Arthur has sold the desk to Richard for $6,000 On 20 September Arthur receives Harry's letter of acceptance. Advise Harry whether he has an action against Arthur for breach of contract. Give detailed reasons for your answer.

Steps in Problem Solving

To get a clear picture of related events, it is useful to draw a diagram or chronology of events Next step: isolate areas of dispute which may occur these are the issues an issue is a fact of a situation that could have more than one legal interpretation. That is, more than one law could apply to it. The statement: Id like to have it (one fact) could be interpreted in more than one way legally. It could be: * an acceptance of the offer * a request for more information * a counter offer A questioning attitude is important

Steps in Problem Solving

I = issue (identify the problem or legal issue R = rule or rules of law ( case or statute) A = analysis (where the issues, rules and cases are discussed and applied to the facts of the problem) C = conclusion (overall summation)