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Successful Data Processing: Elements Involved in a Hospital Setting

Maria Cecilia C. Navata, R.N.

1. Hiring and Retaining Qualified Personnel

Hiring and Retaining Qualified Personnel

PROBLEMS encountered by institutions: 1.Hospitals hire the least expensive personnel available, or what is called as Bargain employee 2.Some employees are only biding their time and gaining experience until a more lucrative opportunity emerged. 3.Replacing a qualified personnel

SOLUTIONS 1. The organization must provide adequate budgets in order to hire highly qualified individuals and retain them by giving competitive wages. 2. Minimize employee turnover 3. Promote interdepartmental and intradepartmental rapport between employees

Hiring and Retaining Qualified Personnel

Management Style

Management Style
philosophy by which a manager operates the department, including any underlying assumptions about subordinates motivation and willingness to work.

Behavioral science tells us that people tend to be committed to goals which they helped devise.

To apply this concept to the data processing environment requires setting up a situation wherein personnel can: (1) provide input into the elements relating directly to their jobs; and (2) make judgments about situations that arise within the scope of their individual job description, without fear of being second-guessed by the manager

The Departments Relationship to the Organization

The organization structure should depict an environment where the data processing department operates as a service to all departments. It should be able to provide a broader spectrum of management information to all departments of the hospital according to the departments specific needs.

User Independence

User Independence
Reasons for over dependence of users to vendors: 1. The user lacks the qualified personnel it needs to operate the system properly. 2. The organization has little or no inclination to take risk associated with system implementation. 3. The vendor is very strong and aggressive while the user has a weak data management.

User Independence
Reasons why there should be user independence: 1.The vendor usually charges an additional fee to provide complete support to the installation over an extended period of time. 2.Dependence will unduly restrict the users flexibility to change and enhance the system. 3.Only the hospital can really understand its own information needs

The Personality of the Organization

Two Basic Personalities that Organizations Exhibit

1.Status Quo-Oriented (Give me what Ive always had) 2. 3.Risk-Oriented (Lets try it attitude)

A successful data processing organization might be characterized as one where new and imaginative tasks are undertaken for the purpose of improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. A systems chance for success is certainly enhance if, based on potentially increased efficiency, the organization is willing to take prudent risks and change its methods of operation when the potential benefits outweigh the

Current Set-up in the Philippines

Basic informatics skills employees must possess:

ability to use e-mail, telecommunications, the Internet, basic keyboarding, word processing, and database documentation

Basic things that employees must be trained: ability to document within an electronic medical record ability to use database, communication, imaging and network applications ability to use barcode technology which is particularly used to administer medications; and ability to protect patient privacy within a paperless environment.


Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) is developing its own Total Hospital Information System (THIS), the first by a government hospital in Malaysia and possibly in Asia. Built up from scratch entirely by its staff, the hospital's THIS initiative has already attracted interest from distributors keen to market the system to both government and private hospitals in the country.