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In the Indian Scenario as it is seen sweets are important may it be any festival or day to day life. Due to which there are many sweets in different varieties which cater to different segments. The sweets industry is quite a profitable industry and due to this reason has a high growth rate every year.

Due to this reason sweet making is a profitable business, our group undertook to venture into this profitable business and for this purpose as our target market were consumers in Mapusa, we decided to interact with the owners of General Stores who keep goan sweets. Therefore the demand forecast was done on the basis of the response given by the General stores Owners and the commission was negotiated and the stock was kept as per the consumer s demand and in excess it would be intimated a day prior. The stock was kept in 3 Crowded General stores in Mapusa Area

Products manufacture:
Batika Bebinca Bol Dodol Doce Bolinhos de coco(coconut cookies)

The Vision
To build crown sweets as a globally trusted brand in the Goan sweet domain and present it as the best brand for Goan sweets in Goa, India, and overseas. Our product promise to provide maximum customer satisfaction and at same time plans to achieve maximum distribution without any shortage of supply at any point of time.

The Mission
To provide our customers with the original taste of goan sweets, We wish to serve people who are keen to buy the product, who feel our product is the solution to satisfy their want of having traditional goan sweets. Our vision is to become a market leader and experience tremendous growth in our product consumption

Brand Essence
Core Brand essence is diligent and Crown Sweets is driven by ethical and dynamic process for wealth creation.


Local Simonia stores St Francis Bakery Xavier s bakery And other local players exist

We approached around 7 General stores in the market who estimated that the demand is mostly 20 of each sweet packets a day and sometimes people do need a change in a taste so they also ask for other sweets which is not available in the market Thus the demand is 20 packets per store, but the customers interview were not satisfied by the taste of the sweets available and wanted the missing authentic taste of the old traditional made sweets


The most important demand factors are the increase in the disposable income of people as well as the need for such type of sweets by the consumers as told by the owners of General stores

The company wishes to expand its distribution channels abroad after 3 years of the starting of the business in India once they become a recognized brand in India.

Geographically: Domestically and within the country, and Internationally ( after 3 yrs of starting the business) Demographics As CROWN SWEETS is not a necessity and considered as just a want, it is basically targeted to the middle income group which consists of the upper middle and middle class. Basically families having an decent level of income and living above poverty line. Any person in the family who is responsible for marketing decisions in the house.

Materials required and the cost of the product:

Decide on a product name. Determine applicable regulatory requirements. Ask your state regulatory officials for help and then Consulted the FDA Food Labeling Guide. Determined the storage information that will be on our package: refrigerate, refrigerate after opening, etc. It will be one kg, half kg and quarter kg packets Make test labels, or labels for small, initial, batches, to test it Made health and nutrition index. Regulation permit from nutrition and health care


Certificate of Origin (C/O): A document prepared by the original manufacturer and certified by Chamber of Commerce - stating the items country of origin. Exporting Payment is due to the exporter before the importer receives the goods, advance charges can be added to the bill so the importer pays for the goods along with the other charges.

Electronic Export Information is the new process of filing what was the Shipper s Export Declaration form 7525V. An EEI is filed online and the Internal Transaction Number (Sample: ITN X20091110000001) is applied to key shipping documents, i.e., Invoice, B/L, verifying the actual filing.

Promotion plan
Communication Objectives We basically intend to reach out to majority of the consumers in India and overseas a span of 6 months. And soon target other major cities like which will help in getting popularity for our product and thereby increase in the consumption.

Marketing Strategy
Advertising will be basically done by posting one banner outside each General Store. The Banner will be kept to serve the purpose of attracting those consumers visiting the General Stores and those passing by from there.


Television Ads Tie-up with some famous goan hotels and food joints Print Media Radio Ads
Cities where Radio will talk about crown Sweets. Mumbai Bangalore Pune Delhi

Online Media Printing Pamphlets

Advertising message
Preemptive strategy to come up with something which already exists in some other product; in our product it is the authentic taste that has been followed by the ancestors which caters the Goan taste.

USP The authentic Goan taste be a unique in our product of offering and second is the convience and availability to the sweets domestically as well internationally. Brand image To be the leading company and a well known brand of sweets nationally as well as internationally.

Market Objectives Increase market penetration every quarter. Continue to cultivate Crown sweets image as the premier.

Marketing Mix
Crown sweets marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service. Pricing-We have priced our sweets at a very reasonable rates which will Place: Goa (Mapusa) and other local supermarkets, and other sates within India.

Advertising and Promotion- Print Ads, Radio Ads, Tie-ups, a comprehensive website will be used.

Customer Service- The Crown sweets will operate on the principle that it is imperative to achieve total customer satisfaction if the business is going to succeed.

Human resource plan

Position General Manager Managers of the Top Level accounts Crew Total number employees Total Salary to be paid No. of Staff 1 25,000*3 15000*1 3500*15 20 182500 Salary 40,000.00 75,000.00 15000 52500

Pricing of the product

Financials Commission: 10% on each product and 5% on exceeding the target

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