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Musa Shiraz Ahmed Roll No : 32 MMS 2nd year

Name of the Company: Sundaram Edusys Pvt.Ltd How you got placed in this company: Self Duration of the Project: 8 Weeks Reporting to: Shabana Khan [Business Development Manager] Nature of the Work: Promotion Cum Sales of e-class [Audio Visual Learning Device]


Scope of the Research Work

The scope of this project is to understand awareness level of AV concepts (new educational technologies) among people in rural areas. The study simultaneously helped to develop an awareness among rural population about the new educational technologies introduced for facilitating better education. The study has been done in one of the districts of Gujarat and therefore the conclusion would be an indication for the opportunities that exist in the rural markets.

Objective of the Project

To study the awareness level of AUDIO VISUAL LEARNING CONCEPTS in Rural Areas

Sampling: Simple Random Sampling Method Sample Size: 100 [50% consisting of teachers and 50% parents] Research Tool: Questionnaire Research Area: Covered some schools and Households in the district of Banaskantha [Gujarat].

The time was not sufficient to conduct an extensive study across the rural population in India. It was impractical to travel across different locations within a short span of time. The respondents interviewed were of middle class segments in rural areas who had some knowledge about education. Respondents were not too keen to answer all the questions.

o 85% of students are facing problems in their studies lack of interest. o 70% students enjoy pictorial studies increases interest. o 52% people are not aware about the AVL concept. o 68% thinks AV Concepts would help to increase the interest level of their children towards studies o 71% think that student performance would improve using AVL concept. o 88% would subscribe AVL kits for use by their children.

Analysis proves that fifty percent of rural population are very much aware about the AVL concepts . As 8/10 students face problem their studies, AVL concept will be very helpful in their studies. Maximum number of parents/teachers are willing to buy this product and believes that it will help in improving the performance of their child/students.

 AVL Concept helps to generate higher interest among the students in the rural population (limited to the study conducted)  Rural population is keen to recommend and use AVL Concepts for the education of their children

The outcome of the research study indicates that almost 50% of the rural population is not aware of AVL concept. The rural population has shown a great amount of interest towards AVL Concept and are willing to adopt such modern electronic resources in their life.

Looking at the positive response, Government must facilitate power and infrastructure to encourage AV Learning in the rural areas. Based on the indicative study, Government and other policy makers should explore, encourage and promote the development and use of emerging modern AVL concepts at all levels of educations in rural areas. The cost of AVL concepts must be made affordable for students and institutions in rural areas.

My Learning Experience
1. Conducting a research in rural areas is always a golden opportunity to learn about the consumer in rural areas 2. Got to learn the consumer awareness about modern technology In education domain. 3. Till today, many of the rural markets are untapped. Which the marketers can exploit in the best possible manner. 4. Rural India still lack behind in terms of technological advancements. 5. Growth of rural sector will lead to the overall growth of a nations economy.