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Module: Micro Economics Econ 1111 (1) Diploma in Management Studies (PartTime) Year 1

Resource Person
Name: TAKESH LUCKHOO Department:Economics and Statistics E-mail address Contact Hours: tbc

Lectures will be conducted on Saturdays from 13.00 to 14.00 in Room 1.3 NAC This module is serviced in Distance Education (D.E) mode with only a 1h class. Students are expected to read and prepare each unit in advance and discuss any question in class. Students will be either distributed lecture handouts by e-mail or prior to each lecture in class. Tutorial Questions will also be distributed in advance.

Attendance to lectures is compulsory and the lecturer reserves the right not to allow a student to sit for the course work or exams, should he/she fail to satisfy the necessary requirements in attending lectures.

A Class Test in week 8 (to be confirmed)

A two-hour paper at the end of the Semester.

Assessment - 30 % Final Exams - 70 %

I will add a group assignment to this.

Assignments Titles
Choose one from these three titles:
Explain what is SADC and summarise the Trade Policy Framework of the group. Explain what is COMESA and summarise the Common External Tariff Structure of the group Explain what is EAC and summarise the Custom Union Protocol of the group

Group Assignment
Tentative Deadline for Assignment: Week 11 or Week 12 Assignment should be around 1200-1500

words. Groups of 4 Students are welcome Try to write in your own words as far as possible. Submission can be done directly online via e-mail.

Group Assignment Tips

Students are advised to make use of all available resources. Direct lifting from books/handouts/internet will be checked and heavily penalized. Include references/source of any materials being copied Resources for the report can include: textbooks, journals articles, newspapers, magazines and in some cases the internet.

Assignment Tips
There are no extensions for the presentation/report. The penalty for nonsubmission of report/postponement of presentations will be 5 marks per day for the report and 5 marks per week for the presentations.

Assignment Tips
Possible Structure
Introduction or Background Main Objective of the Agreement Summary of their trade protocol
Tariff phased down schedule/bands Any Sensitivity list Mauritius Status

Benefits and Challenges

Benefits to Consumers/Producers Challenges like Overlapping Membership

References (Harvard Style)

Check here arvardsys.pdf