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CSR & Events - Meetings of the future?

Roger Simons & Rebecca Saunders/Amelia BarrattSmith September 02 2011

Overview What is driving sustainability in global business? The Event Industry how can we change things? What are the challenges?

Solutions ?
Case studies


ISO 20121

Introduction to BS8901 Evolution into ISO20121 GRI Event Sector Supplement




Responsible Business

Supply Chain Leadership

The world's largest consumer goods maker


To increase the company's understanding of its own supply chain.

Suppliers are asked for electrical and fuel energy use, water input and output

Optional categories- renewable energy use, transportation fuel efficiency and potential waste material that is recycled, reused or recovered.
Uses measurement standards and protocols from the World Resources Institute, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Carbon Disclosure Project


Wal-Mart ask 15 questions to 60,000 suppliers.

Four areas: energy and climate; material efficiency; natural resources; people and community. Ask for information on sourcing policies, third party certifications, and community involvement, while P&G does not. 9,600 retail units under 69 different banners in 28 countries. 2011 sales of $419 billion



A New Era of Sustainability UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study 2010

100 in-depth interviews with global leaders, including 50 CEOs, chairpersons and presidents of UN Global Compact member companies from 27 countries Online survey of 766 UN Global Compact member CEOs from nearly 100 countries across 25+ industries

93% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues will be critical to the future success of their business
Very Important Overall 54% Important 39%

The economic downturn has raised the importance of sustainability as a leadership issue for top management


Strongly Agree or Agree


QUESTION TO AUDIENCE- What motivates you most to organise sustainable events?


Brand, trust and reputation Revenue growth/cost reduction Personal motivation Customer demand Employee engagement/recruitment

CEOs identify brand, trust and reputation as the critical motivating factor for sustainability, with the potential for revenue growth and cost reduction in 2nd place
Brand, trust and reputation 72%

Revenue growth/cost reduction 44%

Personal motivation 42%

Customer demand 39%

Employee engagement/recruitment 31%

Whos asking ?

Fact: Clients are asking!

CSR Policy
Does your company have a Corporate Responsibility policy?

Dedicated resources
Does your company have a person in charge of the CSR policy?

Key Factors
Please indicate the most pertinent environmental factors and social factors for your company

Does your company publish a CSR report?

Supply Chain Management

Please describe your companys process for implementing CSR standards in its supply chain?

Source: Event Agency RFPs

Who is Measuring?






QUESTION TO AUDIENCE- Who is only using reusable bags when shopping?




$9 billion on travel for mission-related business around the world 93,000 federal employees are travelling on any given business day to 8,000 locations Use 24 million room nights of hotel space An average hotel purchases more products in a week than 100 families purchase in an entire year?







3 % off Masterbill


Community Involvement



What are the challenges?


Budget Attendance/Exhibitors Sponsorship Marketing Content



Its going to cost me more!

Carbon offsetting is not progress

Measurement isnt easy

Sustainable Event Measurement Tool


Tool provides online, excel, pdf or printable outputs of data:

Energy Use Resource Use Carbon Use Waste Creation Water Use

What can you do?
International frameworks Case studies Practical steps Resources

How many of you are aware of ISO 20121?

The international standard for event sustainability management Yes


International Standard for Event Sustainability (ISO 20121)

Framework for implementing sustainability at events, in venues and for suppliers Benefits: Recognised way of working Unique communications opportunity Creating efficiencies




Global Reporting Initiative Event Organiser Supplement

Framework for reporting on sustainability for events Benefits: Recognised framework Increased transparency Unique communications opportunity

Who is doing this?

Zurich Insurance Obvious in Hindsight Event, Lucerne

Large European conference Now expanded to 15 events Self certified to BS 8901 Nominated sustainability champion for each event Saved 20% of budget Benchmarked to be able to set SMART targets

Google Zeitgeist Conference

Wanted to demonstrate they are thought leaders BS 8901 triallee Monitored and measured event impact Created model for future events

Lloyds TSB
Large corporate event Keen to make sustainability visible at the event Flower seed paper menus Selected sustainable venue Sourced plants rather than flowers Donated plants to local womens project

Coca-Cola Inspiration Event, London

Sourced venue with sustainability credentials Biodiversity delegate tour Healthy food options Inspirational speakers on sustainability Organised by sustainable event management company

Practical steps
Nominate sustainability champion/group Offer healthy, local, seasonal menu Request ideas and solutions from your venue Provide education for stakeholders Make sustainability visible Monitor and measure Implement a legacy initiative Create a case study/report to show leadership

Use resources available

How many of you will now take practical steps towards creating more sustainable events?

Yes No

Where can you learn more?

MPI online tool to measure event sustainability: Positive Impact Events Resources Free online tool for event industry to manage waste: Online Tool: 10 BS8901 Case Studies: BSI Book Making Events More Sustainable by Phil Cumming & Fiona Pelham Meegan Jones Book Sustainable Event Management Manchester City Council Green Your Event Guide 7&fileID=7951 London 2012 Sustainable Event Guidelines Global Reporting Initiative G3 Guidelines: GRI Report:

Any questions?