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Communicare to share or doing together


Electronic/Computer Communications Systems

The technology that enables computers to

communicate with each other and other devices voice, and video from one computer or device to another.

This is the transmission of text, numbers,

This is the process of sharing data,

programs and information between two or more computers


Components Requiring Communications Systems

Sending/Receiving Device these are often a

computer or specialized communication device.

Forms of Messages: Data, Information, Instruction

Communication channel the transmission

medium that carries the message. E.g physical wire, cable, wireless connection

Connection devices acts as an interface

between the sending and receiving devices and the communication channel4/15/12

Basic elements
Sending Device Mes Commun sage ication Device Message Commun ication Device

Communicatio n Channel

Mes sage

Receivin g Device 4/15/12

Telephone-related Communication services

1. Fax Message these are messages sent

or received over a fax machine of online fax service system that allows the users and subscribers to exchange personal voice message. messages from an author to one or more recipients.

2. Voice Mail this is a computer-based

3. E-Mail the method of exchanging digital

Fax Message
Fax machine this is the device that allows

someone to send messages. Uses normal phone line to transmit a message.


Sending a Fax
1. Make sure the fax machine is plugged into a

power source and also plugged into a working phone jack.

2. Turn the fax machine on. 3. Obtain the fax number of the destination fax


4. Gather the documents you want to send and

put them in the order you want them to be received. covesheet.

5. Fill out a separate piece of paper called 6. Lay the documents face-up in the fax machine

Sending a Fax , Contd

9. Fax machine then scans document into its


10. After all pages are scanned, sender received a

series of fax tone.

11. Wait for few minutes as the fax is sent. 12. If the fax machine has a small display screen,

look for confirmation that the fax went through. Some fax machine will also print out a short confirmation report


Information on the Coversheet

a) Recipients name b) Recipients fax number/phone number c) Senders name d) Senders phone number e) A short message intended for the

recipient similar to the subject line of an e-mail Number of pages (including coversheet)


Receiving a Fax Message

1. Make sure the fax machine plugged in, powered

on and connected to a working phone jack. toner cartridge.

2. Make sure the fax machine has enough ink on its 3. Make sure theres enough printer paper loaded in

the fax machines paper tray.

4. If theres a phone on the fax machine, the phone

will ring. Dont pick it up.

5. Wait for the handshake tones indicating that the

fax machine is talking with the senders machine

6. The fax machine will automatically begin to print

each page of the fax

7. Check the coversheet to make sure you received


Voice Mail
Digital recordings of outgoing and incoming

voice messages that are managed either by an on-site or off-site system. attendants

Has an operator: either humans or auto-

Auto-attendants guide users through the many options a voice-mail system has to offer. - instruct users how to enter commands through the phones keypads, such as how to retrieve a message

Setting Up and Using Voice Mail Accounts

Dial the phone number to access voice mail


Follow the auto-attendants instructions to

create a numeric pass code, usually four to six numbers

Follow the auto-attendants instructions to

record an outgoing message, also known as a greeting take advantage of other features, such as forwarding message, paging and auto fax 4/15/12 pick-up

Follow the auto-attendants instructions to

Electronic Mail
The method of exchanging digital

messages from an author to one or more recipients. over the Internet.

The transmission of electronic messages Three components

A. Header contains control information
A. B. C.

Addresses Subject a one-line description, used to present the topic of the message Attachments files, documents, worksheets, 4/15/12 pictures, etc.