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Stress Interviews

Why Stress Interview?

To check whether you are balanced. To check the temper of the candidate. To check how you can handle complicated or stressful situations in the work atmosphere. To check your thought process and logical thinking. To make you upset and observe.

What is your name? Why did your parents select this name specially for you?

Dont tell a complete story behind your name. End up by saying something like No any special reason as such, but may be my parents have considered the beginning letter to select my name.

What will you do if your boss shouts at you for any reason?

I will have to calm him down so as to help maintaining the decorum of the office. May be because of any untoward incidence boss goes under stress. I will try my level best to bring the situation to the normal level, irrespective of whether I have made some mistake or not.

"If you caught a colleague cheating on his expenses, what would you do?"

Complaining will not solve the problem. So I will suggest the decision maker to modify the system to prevent the cheating.

Why did you leave your previous job?

I am sure that I will get better career path in this organization with reference to the web site and other reports of the company in news papers, magazines etc.

What is the similarity in boss and monkey?

It seems to be very informal question. So I would prefer to be informal. So according to me monkey gets benefited from the quarrel between Cats (Ref. Story) and boss makes his position by settling the disputes between subordinates.

Why should we hire you?

I am confident, honest and hardworking. I am ready to accept challenges. I have the requisite qualification and experience for the position. So I feel that there would not be any reason for not giving me this opportunity to prove my abilities resulting in the benefit of your organization.

What is the characteristic of dog similar to that of any boss?

(Smile) Please allow me to be informal for answering this informal question. I would say, Both shout at you in the beginning, but once you prove your identity they trust you

Your resume suggests that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for this position. What's Your opinion?

I feel that in modern business world the seniority is related also with your performance not only with qualification or experience. I am ready to make my career in such a professional atmosphere which is available in your organization. I am very open minded person with learning attitude.

As per your application this job is the golden chance for you then you will be no where if you dont get this. Isnt it?

Immediately I may feel nervous, but see failure to get this job will be the first step for me towards success. Also I will keep my candidature open for your organization in future. As I like to maintain relations.

Why dont you go for self employment?

I personally feel and also I have gone through some psychometric tests where the results show that I can be a good intrapreneur as I can use my creativity in very effective way for masses if I work for others.

If we dont allow your own ideas to be implemented in the job then would you leave the job?

I am sure that I can please the management with my performance and creativity to such an extent that management will certainly find my ideas very practicable and beneficial for the organization. Also I am mature enough to understand the difficulty in implementing the new ideas, so there is no question to run away by quitting the job.

If you get good career path here then would you work with us till your retirement?

Certainly, its my pleasure provided if you really allow me to do so.

What is more important: bicycle or motorcycle?

Both are important in different phases. Bicycle is very important to set proper balance but in the next phase motorcycle is important to speed up. Thus in business you may begin slowly but you have to speed up for faster growth.

Do you feel more comfortable to work with female / male employees? Why?

No it doesnt affect on my work, because I take proper care to deal with male and female employees by giving them proper respect. I dont allow the gender difference to make anybody feel inferior or superior.

What would be your action if you dont like your boss?

Pl dont misunderstand, but I have that ability to judge people. So I will consider this aspect before accepting the job. After accepting it becomes my commitment towards job where I must adjust with the situation and try my level best to make conditions the most favorable.

What if you are asked to work for hospitality of your MD as no staff was available?

MD of my company is just like a God for all the employees. Would anybody mind to serve god? Thats it.

Can you justify that you are a successful person till date? How?

I have always tried to be optimum efficient in my assignments. I have achieved reasonable success in my academic career. I am getting good job opportunities. Even this interview itself is a step ahead for me. Thus I feel satisfied about my success as I am continuously improving.

What is the similarity between boss and crow?

Both are very intelligent and efficient in monitoring. (Note : Always try to answer positively, though the question may suggest you to answer in funny or naughty way. Pl dont make a mistake to become funny or naughty)

What would you do if honesty is becoming obstacle in completing your task?

I would never ever compromise with honesty. It is a part of my commitment to my employer. I strongly believe that dishonesty always results in disaster.

How will you manage if you want to go to celebrate your spouses birthday and your boss orders you to work till night?

I always focus on my career and professional commitments. Even I never allowed my parents to come in the way of my studies. Same way I would take care to make my spouse to have proper understanding about deciding priorities.

Do you drink? Why? If not now would you like to drink occasionally?

I dont drink. I am against any kind of addiction as it reduces our efficiency and also reduces our life. (Note: Pl dont say I drink occasionally or Yes, I drink. That will degrade you and your family)

How will you manage your personal work during office time if you have outdoor duty?

Normally, I dont like to bother anybody for my personal work. So I dont see any such possibility. In case of urgency or emergency interpersonal relations and proper communication can easily find out the way.

Now Home Work For You

If you are asked to resign due to serious mistake in job what will you do?

What will you do if your father says that CHOD DO YE NAUKRI AUR BUSINESS KARO

Tell me the other option in front of you as occupation (specific) if you are not in service.

What care you have to take when dealing with Boss and Donkey? Why?

Tell me your reaction if you find a person of your profile getting more salary in another organization?

What is your opinion about late working for the office work?

What is better?: knowing each other before marriage or adjusting with each other after marriage?

Why should we hire you?

Why should we pay you higher salary?

Why do you want to work with us?

Boss acts like a snake. Do you agree?

What are your weaknesses?

What are your strengths?

How can you justify that you are not overconfident?

What do you do after working hours?

Reward of work is More Work- if this is the situation would you really like to finish your work early?

Justify why do you feel that you are the most suitable candidate for this job?

Do you feel that after adding qualification you will get promotion? Why?

Would you like to do donkey work if your boss is happy with that?

If you are not happy with the job you have to change it. Very simple!! Do you agree?