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Arranging training for only pet employees Getting outsiders to train at high costs when insiders are

available Planning training programmes without assessing their real need Organizing training programmes during peak seasons, upsetting the business rhythm. Getting high profile trainers with expectations of a reciprocal favour. Training programmes without proper preparation just to show achievements in the annual report. Extending the duration of training programmes Supplying outmoded training materials Getting unsuitable trainers as an obligation

HRM - Recruitment
Recruitment of kith and kin without assessing

their abilities Recruitment based on financial favours Recruitment of relatives of other employees Recruitment of under-qualified persons Recruitment of over-qualified persons Gender based recruitments Employing child behavior Giving less than minimum wages as fixed by government.

Tampering with leave records of employees Playing with employee records adverse remarks in a

few cases Allow selective absenteeism on personal considerations Giving promotion letters to favourites earlier than others (making him more senior) Favourite supplier for office purchases Favourite security agency Favourite uniform suppliers Unclean premises.

IR Managers not averse to siding wherever there were monetary

benefits. Bargaining with the management till they want to be seen as true in the eyes of workers IR Managers felt they were a superior lot with great powers and used this to recruit their known ones Try to delay the solution as far as possible as their work depended on IR disputes Incite workers to go on strike. Inducing Management/Workers to indulge in unhealthy practices. Pressurise workers and state their genuine demands as not genuine Divide and Rule Frame stringent and complicated rules to keep the conflicts going.

Implications of unethical practices in HRM?

Discuss in groups what are the implications of the

unethical practices in HRM ? What actions can be taken to prevent unethical practices in HRM?

ACTIVITY:In the following areas of HRM , list possible unethical practices and their consequences
Training Promotions Appraisals Working terms and conditions

Minimising unethical practices in HRM

Policies and procedures to be followed strictly, for eg

Health and Safety laws All policies to be communicated clearly, for example recruitment policies to be defined and implemented for no discrimination. Penalising people responsible in the organisation for adopting the unethical practice. Appropriate training needs analysis and most cost effective method of training should be selected.