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Using word puzzles to reinforce vocabulary acquisition

Types of Word Puzzles & Games Hangman

Word Grids Hidden Word Word Scramble Acrostics Crosswords Jigsaw

Have one student choose the category- e.g.

kinds of fruit or articles of clothing Write complete alphabet on board or paper Decide how many wrong guesses are allowed Insert blanks under the hangman figure or the category name Draw one part of the figure to match each wrong guess

43 words

Click on the letters to guess which letters are in this word. Easy to do Make 8 wrong guesses and you lose. on

Hangman Websites (10 wrong guessess) ( 8 x guesses) ( 7 x guesses) Plus many more just googlehangman)

Word Grid

Box of letters See how many words you can make using the letters in a timed session Decide on the rules : - Minimum # of letters in a word? - Proper nouns?




care page pad read pear cap made cage sad

- How many minutes

Word Search
Can generate your own
Fruit Word Search
o r a n g e o o d u a r a n i p a m u i mn p e r o a a e a r n r n a a p e n b d g a d g n r a a r p r a p a g p n r p b n i on a website me l r a p p e l Can set it up on a e b r a p l e p chalkboard or use the website to print it r n a n n b t u t e u p p e d t u p e l e m o n b p r This site lets you choose n e p g e m a n g directions e l p p a e n i p You decide how many n a i r a e a g r words n n n i n a n n g You decide the category

Across and Down only: easier

for young learners All directions allowed: across,backwards, up, down, diagonals in both directions. ( for much more difficult)

banana,mango,pineapple,durian , apple,orange,lemon,rambutan,g rape

Scrambled Words
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Please unscramble the words below 1. meago 2. Peapl 3. Argep 4. Annaab 5. Namgo 6. Oannmetgse 7. Dunira 8. Mpul 9. Abegbca 10.oatotm Please unscramble the words below 1. orange 2. apple 3. grape 4. banana 5. grapefruit 6. mango 7. mangosteen 8. durian 9. plum 10.cabbage 11.lettuce 12.tomato 13.greenpaper 14.beans 15.potato

Scrambled Words
You can choose from already made puzzles or make your own! 1. Click Printable Worksheets 2. Click Make Your Own Puzzles 3. Click Word Scramble Maker

Double word Scramble

No answer key!

Unscramble the words across. Then unscramble the word with the letters in the circles.

Fruit Names
Roagen nadriu barrertysw mowrantele lupm aergp fetpurragi pienaelpp
Unsramble each of the clue words. Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them for the final message


Useful for Vocabulary in Content Courses Taught in English Dinosaur Acrostic