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Logistics is the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of use in order to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging, and often security. Logistics is a channel of the supply chain which adds the value of time and place utility.


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Importance of logistics

Right Right Right Right Right Right Right

product quantity condition Place time customer cost


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The objectives of logistics

Minimize cost Maximize customer service


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How logistics work in Indian Print Industry

News + Advertisements =


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Editorial Team works on the editorial content (News)

Ad Sales team works towards getting ad in the Newspaper

Ad Scheduling

Pagination & Design Dept.

Systems Department

Production Department


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Process dept @ Press Printing @ Press Packing Vehicle wise Sorting Particul ar Drop Points Unloadi ng Newspa pers Vendors Distribu tion Home Delivery Newspa per Stall Loading

Particul ar Drop Points

Particul ar Drop Points


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Good Morning here is your The Times of India


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Distribution Priorities

Approx 400 vehicles are required everyday for distribution. Vehicles reach to Press according to their scheduled. distance areas are covered on first priority. distance printing & vehicles are given first preference.


Longer Longer



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Facts About News Paper

Printing Vendor

Cost per Newspaper Approx Rs.35/Purchase Cost Approx Rs. 2.75/purchase Cost Rs. 5/cost till Customer cost difference is fulfill by revenue generated by Advertisements i.e.11 4/17/12 11 Ad Revenue

Customer Printing

Globalization Technology Challenging nature of the work force Environmental concerns

Current Logistics Related Issue External:

Customer service and quality Third party networks Supply chain management Changes in management and organization style



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How To Improve Logistic

Performance: Better service for customers Assess just in time and quick response needs System structure: Better relationship with vendors, customers and third parties to more effectively manage the supply chain.

Better relationship within and across the organization

Technology integration: Better information systems that connect functions and organizations Combine information and material handling systems for increased efficiency and effectiveness Reverse Logistics:


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