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To understand the perception of donuts among the people in Pune, and determine the feasibility of an MOD outlet in Pune. To identify the attributes that people would like to have in a place like MOD. To identify the segments who would be the potential MOD customers.

Research Methodology





Competition Snacks Vs Desserts Knowledge about MOD

Why not MOD donut?


Where in Pune?

Consumption pattern

Beverages consumed


Name Peters Donuts Donut Magic Dorabjees Cafe Barista Caf coffee day Type Exclusive Donut Caf Exclusive Donut Caf Caf Coffee shop Coffee shop Number of outlets in Pune 1 outlet 5 outlets 1 outlet 4 outlets 50 outlets Price of Donuts Rs.100-150 Rs. 15-30 Rs. 30-40 Rs. 60-70 Rs. 50-65

There are 7,232,555 people in Pune and 1,517,041 households. The population density is 462 people per /km.

Age- 6,85,022 are under the age of 4; 1,491,352 from 5 to 15; 4,466,901 from 15 to 59 and 5,89,280 60 years of age or older. For every 1000 males age 6 and older, there are 919 females.


1. Kayani BakeryCamp CantonmentCakes, Confectionery, Cookies, Namkeen, SnacksA Irani/ parsi bakery with a long history of making some of the best Biscuits and Cakes. MORE 2. Baker's BasketBhandarkar RoadBrownies, Cakes, Confectionery, Cookies, Desserts, Pastries, SnacksI tried Bakers basket a loong time back, and since then I have completely fallen in love with their "Swiss Chocolate Roll" MORE 3. Coffee JarWanwadiBrownies, Cakes, Coffee, CookiesThis coffee shop has taken its sweet time ensuring a patronage, but they have the birds flocking in numbers now, I believe. MORE 4. Budhani WafersM G RoadConfectionery, Namkeen, SnacksI have tried the spicy tomato salli, regular salted wafers and tomato cheese wafers. MORE 5. German Bakery Koregaon Park Cakes, Coffee, Confectionery, Cookies, Juice, Snacks, Tea, Milk Shakes, Bread, Burger, Sandwich From organic muesli, to vegan carb-free burgers, to freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

Snacking pattern, situation, options, brand, frequency, spending, companion Desserts preferred, best dessert, elements with reasons Favourite dessert/ hangout place in Pune. with reasons Donut Snack or dessert? Beverage preferred with Donuts Opinion of donuts (ever tried it abroad?), idea of only donut joint Knowledge about MOD, opinion of MOD donuts, with suggestions

Common snacking time - Between 4-6 pm. Prefrences- Street food, healthy junk, easy carry, street food. Snacks available in close proximity preferred. most dont care about the brand, dont mind roadside food. Brand important for 3 respondents. donuts tried at bakeries Donut perception- (sweet medu vada, spongy, soft, bread, round)/ hate donuts, too sweet,heavy meal, snack) Favourite desserts- pastries, sizzling brownies, Cad B, milk shakes, ice creams. Frequency of desert consumption - once-twice a week.

Favorite hangout- Flavours, flags, mocha, sujata mastani. Open, non- clustered lounging places preferred- ex model colony Avg amount spent on snack/desert per purchase- 50 to 200. Who do they prefer to go with- friends, family, alone, colleagues. most important element in deserts- tasty, attractive Beverage preferred with donut- cold coffee, hot coffee, nothing. Enthusiastic about the idea of a donut joint/ minority for variety. 7/ 30 aware about MOD (they love it)/ no changes.

Popular hangout areas in Pune- FC/ KP/ Kalyani nagar/ Camp/ Jewel square. Donuts: cheap alternative for dinner. Difference between Indian and Western donuts: not fluffy, not soft, not chocolat/ topping loaded, not creamy.

General attitude: Bread perceived as fattening & not popular to local palette. Donut not perceived as a dessert as it is bread based. Donuts must look attractive to grab attention: lost in array of choices in a bakery. Students & well- travelled, exposed professionals gave favourable response. Hence, ideal locations: i. IT parks. ii. Colleges