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Business Plan on
Beauty Parlour

By : Afterschoolian

Parlour's Name and Logo

Star Beauty Parlour

{We make Personality}
We would like to establish in well
located area.
Once we capture the market we will
open branches in other area and

We will maintain better relationship

with the customer so that it will easy
for us to establish our unit.
Our target is clear that those
customer who come one time will
come again and again.

We will give better services then

With the Beauty Parlour we will
provide tranning programme for the

Firstwe start with service and after

one or two year we will open
products shop for the other local
parlour’s in the form of hall sale.
Need of a Beauty Parlor
Increasing competition day by day
for looking attractive and
Due to modernization it’s demand of
time.Because personality and good
look is necessary for not only
personal but also professional life.

Now people are aware for their


of beauty products increase
day by day

Specially in marriages, parties,

functions, and festivals people prefer
beauty parlour.
It’s trend of time.

Due to involvement of media and

technology,actors and actress and
innovative ideas for personality.
Our Team
We will take two experts by the
interview or contact.
Other will fresher or trainee.
Rest of the member will call by the
experts when they feel need.
Marketing Plan
Once we will go with the
advertisement by newspapers, cabal
network,poster and other.
After we prefer mouth to mouth
We will conduct tranning programme
to staff so that they establish good
relations with the customers.
We will conduct seminars, exhibition,
meetings in schools, colleges, and
other related organizations.
We will sponsor public interest
programme and will take more and
more participation in events.

We will connect with media
Financial Plan
Expenditure Revenue
Building 500000 Net revenue 1188000

Furniture 200000 Tanning prog. 300000

Machinery 100000 Home servic. 100000
Equipment 200000 Seminar 150000
Products 300000 Commission 10000
Repairs& maint. 10000
Advertisement 20000
Light 25000
Water 500
Salary 200000
Cloths 10000
Net profit 362500

we expect that in a normal season in

a well located area we will able to
handle 10 customer per day.

And our service charge will be Rs.

300 from each customer.

So our monthly revenue =


And we also expect that in seasonal

time our revenue will increase by
For Tranning programme

we except that we will conduct 3

months tranning programme for the
fresher who want to learn this
In a year there are 4 session and we
expect that in a session we will be
able to call at least 5 candidates.

And from each candidate we charge

Rs. 15000
We will take contact for home
service also we expect that we will
be able to take at least 10 booking in
a year and we will charge Rs. 10000
for each contact.

We will conduct National level

seminar for the purpose of to
introduce new techniques for the
owner of other beauty parlour and
fresher and we will charges Rs.
10000 and we will be able to call at
least 15 people annually.
Next Year Plan
 We will open Branches in well located
 This time we will not purchase building
we will hire.
 First we will capture the market and due
to the result of first year we will open
Beauty Parlour in another cities. (metro)
We will be eager to contact
with various International
Beauty Parlours always so
that we find new ideas and
techniques and good
relationship all over the world.
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