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Chapter 1 Introduction to Human Resource Management

Part 1 Introduction

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PowerPoint Presentation by Charlie Cook The University of West Alabama

What are the five basic functions of the management process? Explain some of the specific activities involved in each function. Which function is most closely associated with human resource management?


The Management Process






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Planning activities include establishing goals and standards, developing rules and procedures, and developing plans and forecasting. Organizing activities include giving specific task assignments to subordinates, establishing departments, delegating authority to subordinates, and establishing channels of authority and communication.


Staffing activities include determining

what type of people should be hired, recruiting prospective employees, and setting performance standards. Leading activities include maintaining morale and motivating subordinates. Controlling activities include setting standards such as sales, and quality standards and taking corrective action as needed. Staffing is the function most readily related to human resource management. However, HR managers actually perform all 5 functions.

The Managers Human Resource Management Jobs

Management process The five basic functions of

planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.


Human Resource Management at WorkIs Human Resource Management (HRM)? What

The policies and practices involved in carrying out the

people or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and appraising..

People with formally assigned roles who work together to

achieve the organizations goals.

The person responsible for accomplishing the

organizations goals, and who does so by managing the efforts of the organizations people.

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Why Is HR Management Important to All Managers? Managers dont want to make mistakes while managing.


Personnel Aspects Of A Managers Job Conducting job analyses (determining the nature of each
employees job) Planning labor needs and recruiting job candidates Selecting job candidates Orienting and training new employees Managing wages and salaries (compensating employees) Providing incentives and benefits Appraising performance Communicating (interviewing, counseling, disciplining) Training and developing managers Building employee commitment Understanding employment laws Knowing employee health and safety issues

Line and Staff Aspects of HRM

The right to make decisions, direct others work, and give orders. A manager who is authorized to direct the work of subordinates and is responsible for accomplishing the organizations tasks. A manager who assists and advises line managers.

Line manager (Line Authority)

Staff manager (Staff Authority)

Line Managers HRM Responsibilities

1. Placing the right person on the right job 2. Starting new employees in the organization (orientation) 3. Training employees for jobs new to them 4. Improving the job performance of each person 5. creative cooperation and developing smooth working relationships 6. Interpreting the firms policies and procedures 7. Controlling labor costs 8. Developing the abilities of each person 9. Creating and maintaining department morale 10. Protecting employees health and physical condition

Human Resource Managers Duties

Functions of HR Managers

Line Function
Line Authority Implied Authority

Coordinative Function
Functional Authority

Staff Functions
Staff Authority

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Functions of the HR Manager

A line function The HR manager directs the activities of

the people in his or her own department and in related service areas (like the plant cafeteria).


Functions of the HR Manager

A coordinative function HR managers also coordinate

personnel activities, a duty often referred to as functional control.


Functions of the HR Manager

Staff (assist and advise) functions Assisting and advising line managers is

the heart of the HR managers job.


Size of HR Department
Depends on company size Small Company: Only a few personnel Large Company: Full range of HR specialist for each different function


HR in Small Business
Small firms (say, with less than 100 employees) generally cant afford a full-time human resource manager FIGURE 12 Human Resources Organization Chart for a Small Company

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Example of HR department in a large company


Examples of HRM Job Duties

Search for qualified job applicants.

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) coordinators Investigate and resolve EEO grievances, examine organizational practices for potential violations, and compile and submit EEO reports. Job analysts Collect and examine information about jobs to prepare job descriptions.

Examples of HR Job Duties (contd)

Compensation managers
Develop compensation plans and handle

the employee benefits program. Training specialists Plan, organize, and direct training activities. Labor relations specialists Advise management on all aspects of unionmanagement relations.


Cooperative Line and Staff HR Management

Differentiating HR duties to be carried out by line managers and HR managers: No standard rule for all



Cooperative Line and Staff HR Management

Some common practices: