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Part 4

Q1. The suppliers of automobile tires fall under which category?

a. b2b only
b. b2b and b2c c. b2b and / or b2c d. All of the above

Q2. Which are the modes of advertising used for b2b marketing?
a. Newspaper
b. Magazines c. The internet d. All of the above

Q3. Which of the following strategies are more effective during recession?
a. Increase amount spent on B2b marketing and no change in B2c

b. Increase amount spent on both B2b & B2cmarketingc.

C. Increase amount spent on B2b and decrease that of B2c d. Decrease amount spent on both B2b and B2c

B2B Marketing

B2C Marketing

B2B Marketing

B2b introduction
Industrial marketing is the marketing of goods and services from one business to another. The word "industrial" has connotations of heavy machinery, mining, construction etc. however "industrial marketing" is not confined to these types of business activities.

Broadly marketing could be split into consumer marketing (B2C "Business to Consumer") and industrial marketing (B2B "Business to Business").

Most of us are of the view that not all the firms are exposed to B2B marketing. Lets verify this fact: a. Wal-Mart b. Wipro c. J P Morgan Chase d. Tata Nano e. L&T (Amit Engineering supplies Brass Hardwares)

Survey reSult.

B2C Introduction

B2C- introduction
"Business to Consumer - consumer marketing. It describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/or services. It is the exchange of services, information and/or products from a business to a consumer.

Main features of the B2C

Marketing is one-to-many in nature. Lower value of purchase. Decision making is quite often impulsive (spur of the moment) in nature. Greater reliance on distribution (getting into retail outlets).

More efforts put into mass marketing (One to many). More reliance on branding. Higher use of main media (television, radio, print media) advertising to build the brand and to achieve top of mind awareness.

A family is at home, watching television on Sunday night. An advertisement of home delivered pizzas appears in the commercial break The family decides to order a pizza.

B2C chain

A pensioner visits her local shopping mall.

She speaks to the sells representatives for various offers

B2C chain

She purchases a number of items including her favorite brand of tea

A person buying a pair of shoes from a retailer. Dell selling a laptop to an individual.

Mc-Donalds selling a pizza to me.

Key Differences Between B2b and B2c

Nature Time factor Use of media Exchange of information

Activity 1
Group Discussion
Which marketing type is more challenging in todays world B2B or B2C

Market Segmentation in B2B Markets

Need for defining segmentation

The aim of segmentation - similarly to arrive at clusters of like-minded companies. There is a very strong pressure to use segmentation in business-to-business markets to win a competitive advantage as there is often little to differentiate one product from another.

Segmentation therefore links strongly with a strategy to achieve a sustainable differentiated position.

Segmentation is the first crucial step in marketing. The grouping together of customers with common needs now makes it possible to set marketing objectives for each of those segments. Once the objectives have been set, strategies can be developed to meet the objectives using the tactical weapons of product, price, promotion and place

Classification of Segmentation

10 Steps In Market Segmentation

7 strategies for B2B in Recession

1) Use lead management to maximize the value of each lead.

Lead Scoring

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing
Lead nurturing is the ability to provide valuable education

We provide information to prospects up front, to become a trusted advisor. You are then perceived to be an expert. You dont sell, you dont make pitches.

They call us first when there is need.

How we can do???????????

Build & optimize landing page.

In online marketing a landing page, known as a lead capture page. It is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search-engine result link. The page will usually display content that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link,

Focus on your house list.

Appeal to the nervous buyer

Large Established Companies
Younger companies

They cant play safe

Reassure They will play safe customer references reviews



Align sales and marketing.


Online department

Sales Department

Actual order of product

Don't be a cost center.

Think strategically

B2B Traditional stages

Stage 1: Sell the appointment Stage 2: Understand their needs
Stage 3: Develop and propose a solution

Viral Marketing in B2B - It Works!

B2B Marketing is Boring It's Time to get Interactive. It's Time to get Viral The goal is to entertain while demonstrating their understanding of what their target audience goes through in their day to day business functions.

Online Reverse Auction process

Auctions have long been a popular method for buying and selling products and services. Traditional versus online auctions Whos involved in an online auction? Hows the reverse auction conducted? Sounds like the classic win-win!

new C - B2C
Normal C- available in marketing:
Customer Change


Communicatio n



New C- community.

Global media + the global relationships they inspired (chartrooms and blogs) = created amoebic communities. Rational thought - It is easier to target groups of people who share common interests; who have similar psychometric profiles. Selling to communities is far more effective than trying to reach out to individual consumers.

Change in aS followS ..
business-to-community in many different ways

business-to-colleagues; business-to-classmates; business-to-companions;

Essentially, the smart b2c today is business-tocommonality.

Create a strategic plan for B2B marketing for any one of the following. Product: Laptop Air-condition Tyre

Thank You