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Role Of System Analyst

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System Analyst
The system analyst is the person who guides through the development of an information system. In performing these tasks the analyst must always match the information system objectives with the goals of the organization.

Role of System Analyst

1. Problem Definition The first & most difficult task of system analyst is to understand the organizations requirement. He studies the problem. He studies the need of the organization. The analyst has to determine how such information can be generated.


Setting priorities among requirements In an organization there are many types of users. Each user has different type of information needs. It may not be possible to satisfy the requirements of everyone due to limited resources. So the priorities are set on the base of urgency.


Gathering Data
He obtain data from various sources like requirement observation. Collect data through :Interview Observation Questionnaire


Analysis & Evaluation The analyst analysis the problem & thinks of plan to solve it & also considers requirements of the organization.


Problem solver The analyst is called problem solver because he analyses & solve the problem. Develop a plan A system analyst develops a plan to meet the management objectives.
Designing system Once the plan are accepted by management, system analyst is responsible for designing it so that management goal could be achieved.




Evaluation of system In this step an analyst must critically test the performance of the designed system. Implement the new system Finally, the analyst presents the proposed system to the management and the users.


System analyst should have the following knowledge

Business knowledge :- As the analyst might have to develop any kind of a business system, he should be familiar with the general functioning of all kind of business. Interpersonal skills :- Such skills are required at various stages of development process of interacting with the users and extracting the requirements out of them. Problem solving skills :- A system analyst should have enough problem solving skills for defining the alternate solutions to the system and also for problems occurring at the various stages of the development process.

Role of System Analyst

System Analyst should consider : who will use the system, business process, what type of data need to be stored & which all systems will be affected when solving the problem. The benefits of solving the problem outweighs the cost. He should understand the business he is working for.

He should know about users & how the work

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