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Brief Introduction about Safety Procedure

Meaning of each procedure Main Purport of each procedure

Permit to work

This instruction explains how to get a permission to do maintenance works in safety rules.

Open Permit To Work

Close Permit To Work

Extends Permit To Work

Lock out and tag out on site

Explains how to isolate and desolate plant equipment and systems accordance with plant safety rules.

Lock out and Tag out Instruction

Lock out and Tag out Release

Extend Permit to Work

Control and handling of substances hazardous to health

Reference of how to work and keep hazard stuff safety in power plant

General responsibilities

Handling of substances hazardous to health

Loading and unloading of chemicals

Packaging and Labeling

Working in the chemical environment

Guidelines to safety working with the toxic gases or chemical emission

General Rule


Working in toxic gas or chemical environment

Access to plant critical area

Explains who can access to plant critical areas that have many levels areas and tell detail what position can access there and what position cant and tell how to ask for permission to work in critical area that worker has no permission yet

Hazardous work permit

Explains how to ask for work permit to work in hazard area in power plant

Hazardous work at the LCP/SLP plant

Filling and approving the hazardous work permit

Close out of the hazardous work permit

Working with the hazardous chemical

Guidelines to safety working with the hazardous chemical in power plant


Responsibility / Working with hazardous chemical

Table 1 Hazardous Chemicals

Table 2: The type and category chemical with the

following amount will be the hazardous chemical

Incident report and investigation

Explains how to write report and how to investigate an incident power plant


Writing the incident report

Incident investigation

Working with chemicals

Explains how to work with chemicals at the different chemical storage

Cooling tower dosing areas

Boiler water dosing area

Water treatment plant

EIA Monitoring report handling

Guideline for select the contractor to do the EIA monitoring report


Contractor selections

Report preparation, measurement and monitoring

Accident-Incident Investigation and Reporting

Provides a clear accident or incident reporting format and investigation guideline


Criteria for accident or incident investigation

Accident or Incident report

Accident or Incident investigation

Lock out and tag out off site

Explains how to isolate and desolate plant equipment and systems in accordance with plant safety rules

Lock out and Tag out Instruction

Lock out and Tag out Release

Extend Permit to Work

EHS Committee Meeting

To set guideline for the EHS Committee meeting agenda and provides guideline for the EHS Committee members to perform the safety walk after the EHS Committee Meeting


EHS Committee meeting

Safety walk

EHS training requirements

Outlines the EHS training requirements in power plant


Health & safety training

Environmental training

Hazardous identification risk assessment and control

Identification and assessment of hazardous activities

Hazard identification, risk assessment and control

Reporting, checking approving and reviewing HIRAC


Excavation work

General guidelines for excavation work and tell procedure for safety and health when to do excavation work


Carry out Excavation

Private health administration

Guidelines to manage and report heath checking


Private health administration procedure

Accident Incident Notifications

Identifies the various parties that need to be notified in case of a serious incident or injury

Definitions relating to the treatment of accidents and

serious near misses

Incidents to be notified

Notification to LCP/Sime Darby

SCBA inspection

Guidelines for the inspection of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

General SCBA Inspection

Procedure for the safe use and disposal of radioactive materials

Tell about how to work with radioactive in safety and health way

Definitions and responsibilities Using of C-14 in AAQMS Prior to site radiography Guidelines and procedures

Actions upon an accident

Inform duty and responsibilities to do after accident happen

Definitions Employee responsibilities and actions Supervisor responsibilities and actions Respective manager, Finance & Administration

department, EHS Supervisor, EHS Committee, Power Plant Manager

Working in confined space

Inform the definition of confined space and tell about how to do before and after work about confined space

General Entry into confined spaces Work in a confined space Closing up a confined space Confined space emergency response

Flow tests of sprinkler pumps

Explains how to inspect sprinkler pumps and other flow test

Duties before / after test Test of the electrical sprinkler pump Test of the diesel sprinkler pump

Lifting and handling

Tell about how to handle lifting and heavy load like cranes (mobile or fixed), fork lifts, chain blocks, slings and any other lifting equipment

Lifting slings and chain blocks Fork lift truck Mobile cranes and truck cranes Overhead cranes and hoists General rules

Environmental Aspect and Impact Analysis

To identify the environmental aspect of the companys activities that it can influence power plant

Steps to carry out aspect and impact analysis Significant Assessment From

Hot working

To identify the environmental aspect of the companys activities that it can influence power plant

Hot work precautions Monitoring

Safety Walk

Guideline about how to make safety walk to carry out general safety inspection or observation at the site

Inspection Area

Waste management

This instruction gives guidelines for handling, storing and disposal of waste material

Hazardous waste Non-hazardous waste Recyclable waste - materials / Waste Segregation

Electrical safety rules _2_

Tell about safety rule and tell about how to work with electrical systems

Definitions Work on High Voltage Apparatus Work on Low Voltage Apparatus

Control and handling of personal protective equipment

This procedure gives instructions on the control and handling of personal protective equipment ("PPE")

basis -

Items under personal responsibility Items issued from and returned to the store on a need

Consumable PPE

Fire panel testing

Guideline and explains how to make a function test of the fire bells, fire detectors and manual fire station points at various locations

Detailed testing procedure (by C&I)

Detailed drill testing procedure (by operator)

CO2 fire protection system test

Tell information about CO2 fire protection system and process check and work with

Heat Detector

CO2 discharge test

Normalizing the system

Ventilation damper check

Portable fire extinguisher inspection

To Inspect Portable fire extinguisher inspection and make sure every unit can work well have emergency situation


Type of portable fire extinguisher / Guidelines and

Emergency response plan

Explain the characteristics of different types of emergencies and set out measures to be taken by all personnel


Emergency policy / General instructions during an

Sprinkler water system testing

Explains how to test the sprinkler water systems at the power plants

General inspection

Wet and dry pipe systems testing

Working at heights

Introduces safety precautions while working at heights. It also explains how to approve, inspect and setup scaffolding and ladders and how to safely work on them

Scaffoldings Ladders

Working at heights

Guidelines for the safe handling of flammable gases

Hazard Zone Venting Monitoring

Fire drill fire hydrant and fire hose checks

Tell about how to inspect/check Fire drill fire hydrant and fire hose and make sure that equipment can work

Test Schedule Fire hydrant test procedure Fire hose test procedure