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Advertisement and its Classifications

Advertisement is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. -AMAC

Advertising consist of those activities of a visual or oral nature directed to selected publics for the purpose of informing or influencing their attitudes.

Why it is needed?
To draw the attention of the ultimate customers. To attract the customers from the competitors. To inform, persuade and remind them about the companies offerings. To increase the sales as well as to increase the company share. To enhance the company profit. To obtain sustainability in the competitive business arena.

Advertisement functions
In general, advertisement is valued because it is recognized as performing a variety of critical communications for the business firms and other organizations. The functions that advertisement does are:
a) Informing the benefits to the customers. b) Persuading the customers to buy the product. c) Reminding the customers of the product. d) Adding value to the product. and e) Assisting other company values.

Classification of Advertisement
National advertising Regional advertising Local advertising
Primary demand advertising Selective demand advertising Direct action advertising Indirect action advertising

National advertising
When the advertisement is designed by the manufacturer on a nationwide scale to stimulate the demand for his product among ultimate customers it is referred to as National Advertising. The advertising for soft drinks, home appliances, cosmetics and so on appearing on the nationwide television networks or on the national dailies, with which all Bangladeshis are familiar is National Advertising.

Regional Advertising
When an advertising is confined to one region of the country, it is Regional Advertising. Virtually all national advertising is done by the manufacturer, regional advertising may be conducted the manufacturer, the wholesaler, or the retailer. A departmental store may conduct some advertising initiatives for the brand- Sony Television to get the customers to purchase from his shop in Rajshahi rather than from the competitors shop while targeting the people of only Rajshahi. This type of advertisement is of regional advertising.

Local Advertising
Local advertising is confined to one trading area or city. This can be done by a particular department store. The advertising may in fact be promoting the sale of nationally advertised brands of merchandise, but the stress is on the concept that the reader is to come and buy that brand in the advertisers store rather than in some competitive store.

Primary demand advertising

Primary demand advertising is designed to increase the demand for a type of product, such as- air conditioner, motorcycles, or television and so on. It is usually done by the trade associations or other cooperating industry group although, when a new type of product is introduced by one or several companies at the same time, the individual firms will often use primary demand advertising to obtain initial demand for the product and get it established in the market.

Selective demand advertising

Selective demand advertising is designed to stimulate the demand for a particular brand of a product such as- Grameenphone, Otobi, Bashundhra Steel and so on. A selective demand advertising is usually done by the manufacturer particularly to increase the sale of his own brand among the other competitors.

Direct Advertising
Direct-action advertising is designed to obtain some immediate response from the reader or the listener. Virtually all mail order advertising is of this type, since it usually attempts to induce the reader to order the merchandise now. An advertisement that attempted to get the reader to send in a coupon for an example of the merchandise would be an example of direct advertising.

Indirect Advertising
An indirect-action advertising is designed to influence the reader to have favorable opinion or image of a brand so that when he does decide to buy that product, he will buy the advertisers brand rather than a competing brand.

Product advertising
Product advertising is done by the manufacturers of consumer or industrial goods to increase the sales of a product (or service) of a specific brand owned by the manufacturer.

Institutional Advertising
Some advertising is designed to establish favorable attitudes toward the company as a whole, or other specific group of people. It does not seek immediate action, but attempts to build up the reputation of the firm, so that the will trade with it rather than other competing firms. This type of advertising is institutional advertising.

In our todays life advertisement plays a very important role in informing us about a product or service whether it is new or established in the market. Many a different type of advertisements are there but the general purpose of all these type of advertising is to inform, to persuade, or remind the customers about the features and benefits of the product so that the customers will buy the only advertised brands. Advertising has become the heart of any marketing program. So the marketers must consider and evaluate well the purpose of any advertising program and its efficiency in delivering the real message to the ultimate customers.

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