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100th Ohio Infantry

Captain Dennis Lehan Co F 100th OVI

Abraham Hoofnail died on the steam ship Sultana on April 7, 1865.


65th Indiana Infantry

Gen Adams horse was lying stark and stiff upon the breastworks. - Frances McEwen, school girl

As soon as the charge was repulsed our men sprang upon the works and lifted the horse . . .
[speaking of Gen John Adams on horse].

- Lt. Col. Baker, 65th Indiana

Col John S. Casement, commanded an entire brigade at Franklin. 4/23/12 Brig Gen John dams was killed by men of Casements brigade.

Brig Gen John Adams, killed

Brig Gen John dams was killed by men of Casements brigade.


65th Indiana Infantry

The 65th Indiana was on the immediate east side of the cotton gin, nest to the 65th Illinois. They were assaulted by several Alabama and TN regiments.

Henry and Martha (McCoy) Brooner, Co E

Lt Col John W. Hammond

It is most probable that Capt Pleasant Hope, 46th TN Infantry was killed by men from the 65th


104th Ohio Infantry

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4/23/12B Bard 104th David

Lt William Kemble 104th OH

104th Ohio Infantry

Daniel M Steams 104th OH CoF

4/23/12 Geo V Kelley Capt

104th OH

104th Ohio Infantry

4/23/12William Garrigues Bentley

175th Ohio Infantry

Henry Cowan 175th OH

Jacob Ash, 175th Oh

William Baker 175th OH


175th Ohio Infantry

Lt Col Daniel McCoy 175th 4/23/12 OH

Col Daniel W McCoy 175th OH

183rd Ohio Infantry

Maj George Washington Hoge

4/23/12 Schuch Sgt George

183rd Co E

Surgeon Francis Charles Plunkett

72nd Illinois Infantry

Lt Col Joseph Stockton George C. Patterson

Lt Joseph W Jameson 4/23/12 Co B

Jacob S Curtiss, Co B

Capt Elisha J Morgan Jr 72nd Ill CoB

Col Frederick Augustus Starring

72nd Illinois Infantry

Lt. William H Black Co B Lt Charles D Beegle, Co G

4/23/12 Sexton

Captain James A
Capt William B Holbrook, Lt Albert C Gibbs, Co A

Mississippi Soldiers, CSA

Pvt. John D. Jones was a member of the39th MS Infantry, Sears Brigade, Frenchs Division. He was killed at Franklin and is buried in McGavock Confederate Cemetery, Mississippi section 23; plot #30. The 39th MS was in the Sears Brigade. Sears was behind Cockrells Brigade as the two French Division brigades assaulted the Federal line right at the center of the Carter Gin action.


Mississippi Soldiers, CSA

Joseph Henry Mitchell enlisted in the J.W. Thompson Invincibles in Company E of the 23rd MS Infantry. The picture below shows him in a brown uniform with black chest braids which may have been influenced by the "Army of Mississippi" regulations. He is holding a foot artillery sword and has a .44cal Colt Army revolver tucked into his belt, which is fastened with a US Army pattern 1834 general service clasp.