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Ghana: Freedom & Justice

Mike Guardiani Eugene Asare Michael Romero

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Ghana is located in the north-western part of Africa. Longitude: 80* N Latitude: 2* W The capital of Ghana is Accra. Monetary: Cedi. Population: 21 million.

Todays Weather and Geography

In the north, it is a desert ,but in the south, it is a forest. It receives 75 inches of rainfall. Average temperature is 79* F. It is tropical in most parts of Ghana.


Ghana Dominion To Developing Ghana

The Ghana Dominion was the most famous out of all the empires in Africa. It lasted from 300-1203 A.D. It reach its height in 900 A.D. It collasped though because tribes fought for its political power. The people who used to live there immigrated to the south coast.

Ghana and Europe

In 1471, Portugeuse ships arrive to the Gold Coast were they look for exotic things such as spices for European Countries. In 1807 Britain made it illegal for slavery in the Gold Coast. Before Britain made it illegal, slavery was common.

The Two Great Wars

During World War 2, Britain forced Ghana To fight Japan. After the war, they went through India. They notice that they were under British rule as well. The Natives asked Why fight for Britain's freedom if you are not free yourself?

Independence For All

On 1957, Ghana was free from British Rule. Kawme Nkrumah was sworn in as president in 1960 Many series of corrupt ascendancy followed after that until Jerry Rawlings over threw the government with help of the people of Ghana.

Food And Beverage

Most of the food is spicy and is usually served with soup. There are usually 3 meals a day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Beverages are usually water, palm wine, pito, akpeteshie, asaana, and lamujii. Cocoa is the main export of Ghana.

The most popular sport is soccer. The Ghanaian Soccer Star, Tony Yeboah, is well known in the UK. The music there is just like the United States but has more of a rhythmic beat. Ghana also is a country of festival. They celebrate child birth, puberty, marriage, and funerals.

Example of Leisure Time

Arts & Architecture

Ghana has many castle and forts from its history. Houses that look like the houses here are for the rich. The poor make their own houses. Their art can be traditional or modern depending on religion.

Examples of Art and Architect

Review Test Directions

First 3 are multiple choice and the last 2 are finish the sentence. The answers will appear after the questions. Lets Begin!

Review Test Q.1

What is the average temperature in Ghana? A.90 B.23 C.52 D.79

Review Test Q.2

Who overthrew the corrupt government? A. Kawme Nkrumah B. Jerry Rawlings C. Japan D. India

Review Test Q.3

How many meals are in a day? A.23 B.4 C.3 D.2

Review Test Q.4

Ghana Dominion or empire was the most____________________________

Review Test Q.5

Ghana is located in ______________________________

What is the average temperature in Ghana D.79 Who overthrew the corrupt government? B. Jerry Rawlings How many meals are in a day? C.3 Ghana Dominion or empire was the most popular out of the African empires of its time. Ghana is located in the North-Western part of Africa

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